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Windows Version History


  • Support added for IEEE80211 networks adapters and improved code for searching network adapters and corresponding MAC and IP Addresses
  • Support added for "userdata.developer_identity" in /v2/requests


  • Removed dependency on Poco Library
  • Renamed device_fingerprint_id and identity_id to better reflect functionality. Fingerprinting was removed long ago.
  • Added API setRequestMetadata
  • Added developer id in v1/open


  • Updated to Poco 1.10.1.
  • Removed OpenSSL & zlib from distribution (unused on Windows).
  • Improved use of Poco::Net::HTTPSClient.
  • Added TestBed-Basic and Welcome.html to MSI.
  • Added TestBed-Conan example.


  • Corrected link_identifier in /v1/open requests.
  • Added X-Branch-Request-Id to debug logs.
  • Use instead of for better security.
  • Corrected advertising identifiers in /v1/open requests.
  • Added support for INITIATE_STREAM and COMPLETE_STREAM standard v2 events.
  • Added MSI distribution.
  • Added multiple TestBed flavors to illustrate different modes of URI-scheme association.
  • This release includes no breaking API changes.

Known issues with v1.2.0

The MSI has been signed with a self-signed certificate. This may result in Windows Defender generating an alert on first install of a new release. Select "More Info" to install the MSI. This will be addressed in a subsequent release.


  • Fixed deep linking when tracking disabled
  • Fixed developer identity (setIdentity/logout)
  • Removed all /v1/close traffic from the SDK
  • Implemented per-app Registry storage
  • Fixed bad OS Version sent to server
  • Introduced TestBed QA app


  • Added support for wide strings via BranchIO::String adapter class.
  • All public API methods that accept a string now take a BranchIO::String,
    which can be constructed automatically from std::string, std::wstring,
    const char or const wchar_t. Two new getters, Branch::getBranchKeyW()
    and Branch::getVersionW(), were also introduced.


  • Updated Poco dependency to ~=1.9.4, allowing patch revisions via conan install --update. This addresses an HTTPS failure on Windows.


  • Master Release - November 15, 2019
  • Initial Revision