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Branch APIs Overview

Access Branch's different APIs for exporting your campaign data into your internal data systems, deep linking, and attribution.


Data Feeds

Access to Branch APIs is a part of the Data Feeds premium product available to enterprise customers and can be purchased according to Branch’s pricing schedule. Without Data Feeds, you can still export Branch data in CSV form directly from the Branch Dashboard via Sources or CSV Exports.

Data APIs

APIsPurposeType of DataTimingExport Window
Daily ExportsExport ALL device-level data in batches on a daily basisLogDelayed & batchedRolling 7 day window
Custom ExportsExport of select device-level data using your own filtersLogDelayed & batchedRolling 1 year window
Scheduled Log ExportsSet up a recurring export of select device-level dataLogDelayed & batched (hourly or daily cadence)N/A
Cross-Events ExportQuery and compare large pools of data across multiple sources.AggregateDelayed & batchedRolling 2 year window
QueryExport select campaign-
level data
AggregateReal TimeRolling 2 year window
AggregatePull aggregate Branch data filtered for limited-access usersAggregateDelayed & batchedRolling 2 year window
CohortPull cohort Branch data to understand user behavior and performance over timeAggregateDelayed & batchedRolling 2 year window

Functional APIs

Deep LinkingCreate, read, update, and delete your Branch Links
EventsTrack all of your events/conversions for your app
QR CodeProgrammatically generate and customize Branch-powered QR codes
AttributionAttribute your app sessions to your active campaigns
AppView and make updates to an existing Branch app configuration to better support workflows for
Data Subject RequestGDPR and CCPA related uses for accessing and erasing user/device data from Branch