SDK Stats

Open Source Github Repo:

SDK Size: 50kb

Speed: Median 80ms to 250ms

Web Demo App

Want to take our technology for a test drive before implementing it?

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Basic Integration (for Journeys)

To use Journeys, click below for the Basic Integration Guide for implementing the Branch Web SDK.

Advanced Features

On top of the basic integration, you can implement the following features:

  • Create Content reference
  • Create deep link
  • Share deep link
  • Read deep link
  • Create QR Code
  • Display content
  • Track events
  • Track users
  • Host deep link data
  • Enable/Disable User Tracking


Test your Branch integration before your app goes live.


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Version History

View past versions of the Branch SDK for Web including changes.

Full Reference

The information presented here serves as a reference manual for our Web SDK.

Recommended Next Steps