Roku Testing

Sample Test App

  1. To test the Branch test Roku app, open ./input/source/libs/Main.brs and modify the following line:
options.branchKey = "key_live_TODO_YOUR_BRANCH_KEY_HERE"
  1. Replace key_live_TODO_YOUR_BRANCH_KEY_HERE with your Branch Key from the Branch Dashboard.


Live vs Test Mode

You can also use your Testing Mode "Test Key" which can be found by changing the toggling in the top left corner of your Branch dashboard from "Live" to "Test"
The resulting key would look similar to this: key_test_TODO_YOUR_BRANCH_KEY_HERE

Why use Test?
If you are planning to test a bunch of Event Names that won't be in the Live dashboard reports then using Test Mode will keep names from being added to the event pick list in Live mode.

  1. Select all folders (components, images, manifest, source) except the out folder. Compress these four files into a zip file. Move this zip file to the out folder for convenience.

  2. Connect to your Roku and upload the zip file. If you have not previously done this, be sure to check out Roku's guide to configuring your device, uploading builds from your computer, and so on. Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions.



You can use telnet to view your Roku device logs: telnet ROKU_LOCAL_IP 8085, where ROKU_LOCAL_IP is your Roku's local IP address.