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Universal Email Lightweight Filters

Universal Email analytics contains new improvements to filtering. Check out what's new here :e-mail:

Investigating Branch Deepviews Optimization

The Branch team conducted new tests to see how we can improve the click-to-install (CTI) rates of Branch Deepviews :mag:


Google DMA Compliance

In response to recent changes made to Google conversion APIs, Branch SDKs now include the setDMAParamsForEEA() method, which helps you pass consent information from your user to Google. Branch has also made changes to our Attribution API and Events API so you can send user consent data along with your requests.


Update to Short Link Expiration Window

Branch Short Links will have a new expiration window in March 2024. Find out more in this update :link:


Update in Cohort Analytics

Cohort analysis is a powerful tool that helps you understand the full ROI of your campaigns but also helps you guide future investment decisions and consumer targeting. We've made awesome improvements in Cohort Analytics :chart-with-upwards-trend:


Update to Reporting on Cost/Spend Data

Reporting on cost/spend data is important for measuring performance. We have launched two improvements aimed at making cost data reporting more intuitive and understandable :heavy-dollar-sign:


Enhanced iOS & Android SDK Documentation

Branch's most popular developer documentation pages have been updated! Integrating Branch into your mobile app has never been easier with these overhauled documentation updates :newspaper:


Default Journeys Templates Now WCAG-Compliant

Branch is happy to announce that default templates for Journeys banners are now compliant with WCAG standards! Specifically, the new templates adhere to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines :white-check-mark:


Summary Page Improvements

Branch has improved the default configurations for the domain-specific tabs and auto-save in the Summary page of the Branch Dashboard View :chart-with-upwards-trend:


Email Enhancements

Email enhancements are here to improve the trust & reliability of various existing account management & security emails that our Branch platform sends to users today :e-mail: