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Export Branch Data to mParticle

With a push of a button you can send your Branch data to your mParticle dashboard, helping you to understand the power of Branch as an acquisition pathway, export your data to your entire suite of analytics tools and build custom audiences upon Branch data.

Follow the mParticle Export guide to send your Brach data to mParticle.

Import mParticle Data to Branch

Sending events from mParticle to Branch will allow you to attribute downstream conversions like purchases across web and app to Branch link clicks. Events imported from mParticle to Branch will be available wherever you can normally use events within Branch, including dashboard visualizations, Data Feeds, Universal Ads postbacks, Journeys targeting, Liveview and more.

Follow the mParticle Import guide to send your mParticle data to Branch.

If you'd like to send mParticle events to Branch through your app, please review the Branch/mParticle SDK Kit integration documentation for iOS and Android.