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Cross-Events Export API

Branch's new Cross-Events Export API is a powerful tool for querying and comparing large pools of data across multiple sources.


With the Cross-Events Export API your queries can access extensive aggregate-level data, return an unlimited number of rows, and include as many dimensions as you want.

You can also pull from Log Click Warehouse, Log Impression Warehouse, and Aggregate SAN CCI Warehouse data.


Max Number of Rows ReturnedNo limit.

If the result has over 200,000 rows, multiple files will be returned.
Export WindowRolling 2 year window.
Max Number of DimensionsNo limit.
Max Number of Days QueriedNo limit.
Rate Limits2 requests per second.
5 requests per minute.
150 requests per hour.
Data ReadinessData generally takes ~1.5 hours to be ready.

To check for data readiness, you can use Branch's Custom Exports API and set the warehouse_meta_type to AGGREGATE.

Try It!

Try out the Cross-Events Export API in your browser, using your Branch data:

Request Data Export

Retrieve Export Download Status


In order to use the Cross-Events Export API, you first need to:

  1. Create a Branch Dashboard.
  2. Enable Universal Ads and start running ad campaigns from your Branch account.
  3. Implement the appropriate Branch SDK into your mobile app (iOS | Android).
  4. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions set on your user account. See the Access section in our reference guide for more.

Use Case Examples

View the example queries below to see what's possible with the Cross-Events Export API:

Query All Standard Branch Events

Split Revenue Field by Ad Partner

Split a Sampling of Events by Ad Partner

Pull All Links for an App

Add a Filter

Learn More

For all the details about the Cross-Events Export API, visit our reference guide.