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TikTok For Business


Table of Contents

  1. TikTok for Business Ad Network Integration
  2. TikTok for Business SKAdNetwork Integration
  3. Data Sharing for TikTok

Ad Network Overview


These are the placements supported under TikTok for Business ads platform

  • TikTok
  • News Feed App Series
  • Pangle
  • Helo


Partner Capabilities


Company Type

  • Ad Network
  • Publisher
  • RTB
  • Self Serve

Deep Linking



  • Click-Through Attribution
  • View-Through Attribution

Ad Campaign Types

  • Acquisition campaigns

Ad Formats

  • Interstitial
  • Video

Click Types

Contact support at TikTok for more information.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

Link Wrapping

Not Supported

Cost Ingestion Support


Cost Ingestion Types

  • Click/impression tracking link
  • Reporting

Pricing Models

  • CPC
  • CPV

1. Complete Universal Ads Prerequisites



The following Universal Ads prerequisite includes providing URI schemes and other components that may require a developer:



The following Universal Ads prerequisites involve app code changes:

2. Enable the Integration

  1. Visit the Ads page on the Branch dashboard.
  2. Select Partner Management from the sidebar.
  3. Search for TikTok for Business.
  4. Select TikTok for Business. Login to TikTok following the prompts provided.

3. Add your TikTok App ID

If you already have your TikTok App ID - please provide it here, if not - just input 'N/A" to activate the integration.
Generate TikTok for Business tracking links and use them to Generate a New App on TikTok dashboard.

  1. Your TikTok App ID is available in your TikTok ads dashboard:
    1. Navigate to Events Manager.
    2. Click on your app.
    3. Generate your TikTok App ID.
  2. In your Branch dashboard, on your TikTok Partner page, navigate to the Account Settings tab and add your TikTok App ID.

4. Enable Postbacks

When Branch measures a conversion (install or other event), it determines which ad network or partner is responsible for generating the action, then attributes credit to the proper partner accordingly. Branch notifies the Ad partner of these events via postbacks which are turned on when you enable any Universal Ads integrated partner.

Basic postbacks will automatically be activated for events like Install and Purchase when you enable your ad partner.

Branch’s postback system is highly customizable; you can set up postbacks for specific events, as well as specific subsections of events, filtered by link data, user data or event properties.

You can then add additional postbacks, for example, if you wanted to add postbacks for custom events that are specific to your app like Account Created. You can also edit postbacks if there's additional data you really need to pass along to your ad partner.


Additional Information Required

TikTok for Business requires the TikTok Event ID that corresponds to each postback. The TikTok Event IDs are already configured for branch events (see the table below), however, you must provide them for Custom events.

Talk to your Account Manager at TikTok for Business to learn how to access your TikTok Event ID.


Troubleshoot Postbacks

There may be times when you need to reset a partner's settings; i.e. when a partner updates their postback templates or when perhaps you've made a mistake during partner setup. Resetting a partner's settings allows you to re-enable the partner integration with the correct information to accurately measure and attribute conversion.

Note, by resetting your partner settings, this will:

  • Disable the ad partner
  • Clear out all of your saved credentials and postbacks that are already setup
  • Return the ad partner to its basic configuration

Learn more here on how to reset your ad partner's settings.

Standard Goal ID Event Mapping

TikTok EventsGoal IDBranch Event Name

5. Verify Integration Setup

View Link Parameters

By default, Branch automatically appends partner-specific link parameters during the link creation process. When a user clicks on the link, TikTok for Business provides the appropriate parameter values which Branch ingests and uses for attribution and reporting purposes.

Below are the link parameters that Branch automatically appends for this ad partner:

View Attribution Windows

Branch employs Attribution Windows at both the app level and the ad partner level. When you enable TikTok for Business, Branch uses the attribution windows you've selected at the app level.

However, you can choose to use the attribution windows provided specifically by TikTok for Business. To do so, toggle the Use Ad Partner Attribution Windows to on. Please keep in mind that only conversions attributed to this ad partner will use these specific windows; otherwise, the app-level windows prevail.

Test Postbacks

Testing your configuration is a very important step that we highly recommend you take the time to complete before going live with marketing campaigns.

Learn how to Test Postbacks

6. Create TikTok For Business Link

If you are running paid advertising campaigns, you'll want to create a TikTok For Business Link so we can accurately attribute resulting app conversions to the appropriate advertising partner.

TikTok For Business Links support deferred deep linking, Android App Links, and iOS Universal Links, as well as web and app conversions.

Learn how to Create A TikTok For Business Link.

Using Your TikTok For Business Link in TikTok Ads

In your TikTok Ads Account:

  1. Click the Library tab and select Assets > Event > Manager App Event > Create New App to create a new app or view previously added apps.

  1. Provide your app's Download URL Settings. (Use your app's app store / play store address)

  1. In the Tracking Settings section, select Branch as your Measurement Partner.
  2. Place your TikTok For Business Link in the Click Tracking URL field and click Confirm.
  3. Place your TikTok For Business impression link in the Default Impression Tracking URL field and click Confirm.

Cost Data

Use the following metrics to see the cost data associated with your TikTok campaigns in the Branch dashboard:

Analytics TagDescriptionUsed for
CostTotal costSum of cost
ROIReturn on investment. Profit as a percentage of cost(Revenue-Cost) * 100
ROASReturn on Ad Spent. Revenue as a percentage of costRevenue/Cost
eCPIEffective cost per install. The total cost of the campaign divided by the number of installs driven.Cost / Installs (eo_installs)
eCPCEffective cost per click. The total cost of the campaign divided by the number of clicks.Cost / Clicks (eo_clicks)
eCPMEffective cost per milli (thousand impressions). The total cost of the campaign divided by the number of impressions / 1000Cost / (Impressions / 1000) (eo_impressions)
eCPAEffective cost per purchaseCost / Purchases

NOTE: All cost data is ingested in local currency and then translated to USD on the dashboard using the exchange rate for that currency on the day the data is stored. In effect, this means the dashboard shows the amount that campaign cost converted to USD at the time it ran.

SKAdNetwork Overview


TikTok Events

For TikTok integration, please select the Branch events with mapped TikTok events from the Standard Goal ID Event Mapping list. Currently, the SKAN configuration is not tied to postback configurations to map to a TikTok event via the 'TIKTOK EVENT ID' field, but it will be supported in near future/Q4

Using Branch to manage your Advertiser SKAdNetwork integration and display SKAdNetwork data in Branch, requires updating the Branch dashboard and updating your iOS app in one of two ways:

  • OPTION 1 - Use the Branch SDK to manage all calls to SKAdNetwork
  • OPTION 2 - Integrate directly with SKAdNetwork to fully control what's sent to Apple


Which SDKAdNetwork implementation option is better for you?

To learn more about the advantages of each integration approach, please read this FAQ item.


Server-to-Server integrations

Any mobile app that uses a server-to-server integration or uses any other integration solution/kit that doesn't contain the Branch SDK directly must use OPTION 2 or leverage another 3rd party SDK to send events to SKAdNetwork


Dashboard Setup

1. Authenticate & Integrate with Apple SKAdnetwork



Authenticating your app requires access to Apple's developer tool App Store Connect as Branch requires several IDs and a key to complete authentication and sync the correct app to your Branch account.


To configure SKAdNetwork functionality:

  1. Navigate to the SKAdNetwork Configuration Tab in the Branch Dashboard
    a. In the left-hand navigation, under Channel & Links, click on Ads.
    b. In the Ads sub-menu, click on SKAdNetwork.
    c. On the SkAdNetwork page, click on the Configuration tab.

  1. On the Authentication tab, please provide the following App Store Connect information:
    a. Issuer ID
    b. Key ID
    c. Private Key
    - Select either "Admin" or "App Manager" access level
  2. Click Save & Continue.

  1. Once your App Store Connect account is authenticated (denoted by a green checkmark), please verify the correct app has been synced and click Integrate.


App Store Connect Credentials

App Store Connect credentials are used as a one time check to verify app ownership. These credentials may be removed after the App Integration step is complete (green checkmark appears next to "App Integration"). Remove credentials by selecting "Reset App Store Credentials". The SKAdNetwork integration is complete and valid as long as the App Integration step is completed.

2. Opt-in for Branch SDK Support

In the SKAdNetwork Config section of the Branch dashboard, select the YES radio button to have the Branch SDK handle all calls to SKAdNetwork.

Do NOT opt-in if you decide to:

3. Assign Conversion Values to Events

  • In the SKAdNetwork Config section of the Branch dashboard, select all app events you want Branch to send to Apple for attribution.
  • You may optionally select a Customer Event Alias and/or a Revenue Range to further distinguish the conversion value.
  • Assign unique values to each event (Apple accepts any number from 0 to 63) that represent their level of importance to you, where 63 is the highest priority and 0 is the lowest priority. Apple will always use the event with the highest priority, regardless if an event with a lower priority was tracked afterward.


Revenue Range Guidance

  • Revenue range is available for all Commerce Events where revenue is available on the event (Purchase, Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, View Cart, Initiate Purchase, Add Payment Info, Click Ad, View Ad, Reserve, Spend Credits).
  • Revenue must be entered as USD on the dashboard. Branch will convert revenue with different currencies on events to USD.
  • Revenue ranges must not overlap for the same event (Ex: 1-100, 50-150).
  • Lower Bound Revenue is inclusive, Upper Bound Revenue is exclusive.
  • While not necessary, it is recommended to include both a lower + upper bound on every event.

SKAdNetwork Reporting

You may view the performance of your SKAdNetwork campaigns through the SKAdNetwork Activity Tab.

For additional details on the reporting capabilities, dimensions, etc. please see the following guides:

Data Sharing for TikTok


Data Purge & Sharing

  • Branch will purge last-attributed data after 60 days.
  • TikTok data is not shared with third parties.
    • Data/analytics partners integrated with Branch will not receive TikTok data (both click and view data).

Branch keeps all of the event data that was sent from TikTok on the event, such as mobile device ID. Branch wipes all data that we would not have without TikTok sharing, such as campaign info.

View-Through Data

You may access some view-through attributed conversion data through Branch's Custom Exports API and Webhooks using the following fields:

EO FieldValue

When conversions are attributed to TikTok ad campaigns, you exports/webhooks will populate the following fields:

Ad Partner NameTikTok For Business
Ad Partner $3pa_tiktok_ads
ChannelTikTok For Business
Attribution Touch TypeIMPRESSION
Attribution Touch TimestampUnix Timestamp only day, month, and year.
Hour, minute, and second are removed.

Note: Any other attributed touch fields will still be reported as null.

When viewing impression-attributed data and reports in the Branch Dashboard, only aggregate data is available.