The Kochava integration sends all Android & iOS clicks on a Branch link from Branch to Kochava, for the enabled platform. Now you can see your valuable Branch attribution data in your Kochava dashboard.

Kochava offers unique, holistic and unbiased app measurement. From attribution and analytics to optimization, the Kochava platform provides precise, real-time visualization of campaign and app performance from ad impression through user lifetime value. Kochava customers enjoy a suite of optimization tools including Configurable Attribution, Fraud Detection and over 2200 certified network & publisher integrations including super publishers like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Pandora.



  • This guide requires you to have already integrated the Branch mobile SDKs into your app.
  • You also need to be a Kochava customer and have the Kochava SDK installed in your app.

Create Campaign IDs in Kochava

For each platform (iOS and Android) you should create campaign IDs. You will do this in the Kochava dashboard.

Create a campaign

  1. Log in to Kochava.
  2. Select the desired app .
  3. Select App Tools > Campaign Manager
  4. Click Add a Campaign
  5. Enter a unique Campaign name.

Create a Segment

  1. Select Campaign Tools>New Segment
  2. Enter a Segment Name.
  3. Click submit

Create a tracker

  1. Click Segment Tools > New Tracker
  2. Enter the Tracker Name.
  3. Select Tracker Type>3rd Party Tracking (default setting)
  4. Select Select A Network > Branch
  5. Click submit. (If no further trackers need to be created).

Once you've clicked Submit you should see a screen with the campaign ID.


Configure the Branch Dashboard

  1. In the Branch dashboard, go to the Integrations page and look for the Kochava card.
  2. Click Enable on the card
  3. Enter your Kochava campaign ID for the relevant platform
  4. Hit Save



Advanced network segmentation with Kochava

If you are interested in advanced network attribution segmentation in Kochava, you can use the same attribution parameters from a Kochava Click URL with your Branch link, and switch out campaign_ids. Please note that using this method will override the default attribution of Branch links to their default campaign in Kochava (only the specific Branch links that you do this for will not attribute to the default campaign).

  1. Start with an existing Branch link.
  2. Next, create a Kochava Click URL in the Kochava Dashboard with the parameters you'd like to capture.
    • Select the "Click" URL (as opposed to the Impression URL)
    • After creating the URL, copy everything after click value and append the parameters to the end of your Branch link.


Here's an example of a finalized link for Branch and Kochava:



General debugging tips

When working with Kochava, be sure you are not using test mode.

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