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Investigating Branch Deepviews Optimization

The Branch team conducted new tests to see how we can improve the click-to-install (CTI) rates of Branch Deepviews :mag:


Our product and engineering teams are always looking out for any optimizations that can be made to improve the services Branch provides. This time, we set our eyes on improving CTI rates when a Branch Deepview is involved. The hypothesis was that better Deepviews would lead to more conversions.

Testing & Results

We tested Five Andoird & iOS apps where we showed different Deepview variants from a sharing link. From there, we measured the differences between treatment and control when looking at CTI.

From the investigation, we found the following results:

  1. Almost all variants performed better than the baseline behavior (some as high as +29% CTI)
  2. Deepview designs influence user behavior

Next Steps

The Branch team is moving forward with continued experimentation on this use case to make the user experience better for the end user and increase conversion rates. For now, no new features are available.


Ready to learn more about Branch Deepviews? View our guide here: