I updated my app for SKAdNetwork, but I do not see my test data in the Branch dashboard

  • Because SKAdNetwork is meant to prevent the ability for any party to tie attributions back to a user, Apple only confirms conversions to advertisers after an undetermined threshold of conversions happen for the publisher & campaign ID.
  • SKAdNetwork does not attribute conversions in real-time. When the app is installed, a 24 hour rolling timer begins and only when that timer expires, can the install then be attributed after an additional 0-24 hours. Every time an additional conversion is reported with a conversion value greater than the previous value, the 24 hour rolling timer is reset and the install does not get attributed until that 24 hour timer is allowed to expire. Apple offers a developer profile here, that can reduce the timers for testing from 24 hours to 5 minutes.
  • If your app uses App Clips, any API calls to SKAdNetwork from an app clip’s code will have no effect, return empty strings, or return values that indicate unavailability. See disclaimer at the bottom of Apple's docs here.

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