Custom Exports


Branch & TUNE Export Functionality

Custom exports are available for both Branch data points and TUNE data points. Please make sure to view the correct tab - Branch or TUNE - when referencing the below documentation.

The Branch Custom Exports find and queue log records that match your search criteria for export. You can do so either via the Custom Exports section in your Branch dashboard OR via API.

Custom exports endpoints are limited to a maximum of 2 million records each and can query up to 120 days prior to the date of export. Only 60 days of data can be queried at a time.

If more records are required, please make multiple requests with smaller time intervals to pull the necessary data in "batches". In some cases, Branch can increase the number of records above 2 million. Please contact Support to request an increase.


Calls to the Custom Export API require an api_key or access token parameter to be passed with each request. API Keys are generated on a per-user basis and are permanent.

Learn how to retrieve your API key (a.k.a. Access Token)

Organization Level Access Required

In order to retrieve or reset your API Key/Access Token, you must have access to the Organization level of the account. This functionality is not present at the app level.

Rate Limits

Rate limits depend on the endpoint you are making a request to.

For creating exports, the rate limit is 10 requests per minute and 25 requests per hour.

For checking the status of an export, the rate limit is 50 requests per minute and 1000 per hour.

Export Access

In order to access Custom Exports, a user will need to have both Sensitive Data and Export access.


For more details on how to give a user the required access, please follow Granting a User Export Access.

Third Party Access

Any user with access to an account’s API keys will be able to access Branch’s Custom Export API (and thus unfiltered, log-level data). As a result, we would recommend against providing third parties with the permissions required to view API keys during the invitation process.

Providing Agencies API Access

If you work with an agency that runs your advertising campaigns and want to give them access to export the subsequent data, you can provide them with access to the Custom Export API.

To provide an agency team member with access to the Custom Export API:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under Setup & Testing, click on Account Settings.
  2. On the Account Settings page, click on the Agencies tab.
  3. Expand the agency in question, find the agency team member you want to give access to, hover on the button in the Actions column and click Edit.
  4. In the Edit Agency Team Member modal:
    1. Under Access Level, check the Export box.
    2. Under Permissions, check the Sensitive Data box.
  5. Optional: add data filters
    1. Under Data Filters, toggle any necessary data filters on/blue. Exported data will be filtered accordingly.
  6. Click Save.


Agency-Tagged Data

If you do not enable the Only Show Agency-Tagged Data data filter, the Agency Team Member will be able to export sensitive data associated with all of your campaigns, regardless if they are associated with them or not.

Available Topics to Export

Please refer to the full list of available topics for Branch and TUNE.

Available Fields

Please refer to the full list of available fields for Branch and TUNE.

Accessing via Branch Dashboard

We have limited the UI to exporting data for 60 days or less. In general, we recommend exporting data for a day at a time.

Rather than accessing the Custom Export API directly, you can use the Custom Exports section in your Branch dashboard to request the appropriate data via CSVs.

To request an export:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under the Setup & Testing section, click Data Import & Export, then click on Exports.
  2. On the Custom Exports page, provide the following:
    • The appropriate Date Range.
    • The Topic type the export should include.
    • The Columns of fields you want included.
    • Any additional Filters you want included.
    • The Download Type for the export.


You can also view any requested export in the Custom Exports Created table which includes:

  • Date Created
  • Topic / Date Range
  • Row Count
  • Format
  • Status

Pre-built reports

Here are links to some commonly-requested exports:

Accessing via API

Endpoint Definitions

POST /v2/logs?organization_id=ORG_ID
POST /v2/logs?app_id=APP_ID
Access-Token: API_KEY
Content-Type: application/json
Body: JSON parameters

GET /v2/logs/JOB_ID
Access-Token: API_KEY
POST /v3/logs/advertisers/ADVERTISER_ID/exports/

GET /v3/logs/advertisers/ADVERTISER_ID/exports/JOB_ID

Building the Export Request

Find and queue all records that match search criteria for export; returns a “handle” to be used in the download export request.

Parameter Name



Your TUNE Advertiser ID;REQUIRED.




Your Branch App ID; REQUIRED




Your Branch Organization ID; optional


api_key / access token


Your API Key / Access Token; REQUIRED



The Branch EO topic to be exported; REQUIRED



The beginning datetime for the requested results, provided in ISO-8601 format including Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds. ; REQUIRED

Dates without offsets (i.e. a timezone) default to the value provided for the timezone parameter. If the timezone parameter is not specified, the dates timezone defaults to UTC. Date must be within the last 120 days. Example: 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z



The end datetime for the requested results, provided in ISO-8601 format including Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds. ; REQUIRED

Dates without offsets (i.e. a timezone) default to the value provided for the timezone parameter. If the timezone parameter is not specified, the dates timezone defaults to UTC. Example: 2016-01-01T23:59:59:999Z



Timezone for results. Accepts tz database strings like ‘America/Los_Angeles’.

Optional parameter; results are returned in the dashboard timezone if not provided. Will default to UTC only if dashboard timezone is not set



BRANCH CALLS ONLY; Filter by fields and boolean operators against fields of the LogInstalls model; must be URI encoded and JSON parsed. Example: &filter=%5B%22and%22%2C%5B%22eq%22%2C%22mat_id%22%2C%223bc15517-92d5-4b7f-9837-e9a30d6fb9b8%22%5D%2C%5B%22eq%22%2C%22site_event_id%22%2C1844998705%5D%5D



TUNE CALLS ONLY; Filter by fields and boolean operators against fields of the LogInstalls model; must be URI encoded and JSON parsed. See the Appendix for the Cthulhu Filter Specification. Example: &filter_cthulhu=%5B%22and%22%2C%5B%22eq%22%2C%22mat_id%22%2C%223bc15517-92d5-4b7f-9837-e9a30d6fb9b8%22%5D%2C%5B%22eq%22%2C%22site_event_id%22%2C1844998705%5D%5D


Comma Separated List

List of comma-separated fields desired in results. REQUIRED



Limit the number of items returned per request. Maximum allowed value is 2 million. If more than 2 million records are required, please make multiple requests with smaller time intervals to pull the data needed in “batches”; REQUIRED


Nullable String

Format of the response; can be either "json" or "csv". If not selected, defaults to CSV. Branch uses UTF-8 encoding for CSV files.

Sample Export Request

curl -X POST ''
	-H "Content-Type: application/json"
	-d '{"report_type": "eo_open",
			"limit": 100,
			"fields": ["timestamp","name"],
			"start_date": "2019-12-09T00:00:00Z",
			"end_date": "2019-12-09T01:59:59Z",
			"filter": ["gt","app_id",7]

Sample Export Response


Building the Download Export Request

Finds and exports requested queue (by handle) and provides URL location for download.

Parameter Name




api_key / access token


Your API Key / Access Token; REQUIRED



The ID returned by the log export queue. REQUIRED

Sample Download Export Request

curl ''

Sample Download Export Response

{"report_schedule_id": null, "lines_exported": null, "context": "", "url": "", "percent_complete": 100, "status": "complete", "branch_url": ""}


Branch Available Topics

Topic Human Readable
eo_click_blocked Blocked Clicks
eo_commerce_event_blocked Blocked Commerce Events
eo_content_event_blocked Blocked Content Events
eo_branch_cta_view_blocked Blocked CTA Views
eo_custom_event_blocked Blocked Custom Events
eo_impression_blocked Blocked Impressions
eo_install_blocked Blocked Installs
eo_open_blocked Blocked Opens
eo_pageview_blocked Blocked Pageviews
eo_reinstall_blocked Blocked Reinstalls
eo_sms_sent_blocked Blocked SMS Sent
eo_user_lifecycle_event_blocked Blocked User Lifecycle Events
eo_web_session_start_blocked Blocked Web Session Starts
eo_click Clicks
eo_commerce_event Commerce Events
eo_content_event Content Events
eo_branch_cta_view CTA Views
eo_custom_event Custom Events
eo_impression Impressions
eo_install Installs
eo_open Opens
eo_pageview Pageviews
webhook2 Postback Records
eo_reinstall Reinstalls
eo_sms_sent SMS Sent
eo_user_lifecycle_event User Lifecycle Events
eo_web_session_start Web Session Starts
eo_web_to_app_auto_redirect Web To App Auto Redirects

Blocked Topics

Branch allows the export of blocked topics for up to 60 days from the time of the request.

TUNE Available Topics

  • Clicks
  • Event Items
  • Events
  • Impressions
  • Installs
  • Opens

Branch Available Fields

IP Discrepancies

Geographic data, such as country and city, may not be available for a very small percentage of events where the IP cannot be resolved to a location.

EO field Human Readable Type
app_id App ID (pls capitalize ID in Liveview) Long
content_items Content Items ArrayStruct
custom_data Custom Data MapStringString
customer_event_alias Customer Event Alias String
days_from_last_attributed_touch_to_event Days From Last Attributed Touch To Event Integer
deep_linked Deep Linked Boolean
di_match_click_token DI Match Click Token Long
event_data_affiliation Affiliation String
event_data_coupon Coupon String
event_data_currency Currency String
event_data_description Event Description String
event_data_exchange_rate Exchange Rate Double
event_data_revenue Revenue Double
event_data_revenue_in_usd Revenue In USD Double
event_data_search_query Search Query String
event_data_shipping Shipping Double
event_data_tax Tax Double
event_data_transaction_id Transaction ID String
event_timestamp Event Timestamp Long
existing_user Existing User Boolean
external_intent_uri External Intent URI String
first_event_for_user First Event For User Boolean
hash_version Hash Version String
hours_from_last_attributed_touch_to_event House From Last Attributed Touch To Event Integer
id ID String
install_activity_timestamp Install Timestamp Long
install_activity_touch_data_tilde_advertising_partner_name Install Ad Partner String
install_activity_touch_data_tilde_campaign Install Campaign String
install_activity_touch_data_tilde_advertising_partner_name Install Ad Partner String
last_attributed_touch_data_custom_fields Last Attributed Touch Custom Fields String
last_attributed_touch_data_dollar_3p Ad Partner (3p) String
last_attributed_touch_data_plus_current_feature Current Feature String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_id Last Attributed Touch ID Long
last_attributed_touch_data_plus_touch_id Last Attributed Touch Touch ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_id Last CTA View ID Long
last_cta_view_data_plus_touch_id Last CTA View Touch ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_plus_via_features Via Features ArrayString
last_attributed_touch_data_plus_web_format Web Format String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_ad_id Ad ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_ad_name Ad Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_ad_set_id Ad Set ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_ad_set_name Ad Set Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_advertising_partner_id Ad Partner ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_advertising_partner_name Ad Partner String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_agency Agency String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_agency_id Agency ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_banner_dimensions Banner Dimensions String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_branch_ad_format Branch Ad Format String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_campaign Campaign String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_campaign_id Campaign ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_campaign_type Campaign Type String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_channel Channel String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_creative_name Creative Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_creative_id Creative ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_ad_name Customer Ad Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_campaign Customer Campaign String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_keyword Customer Keyword String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_placement Customer Placement String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_secondary_publisher Customer Secondary Publisher String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_sub_site_name Customer Sub Site Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_external_touch_id External Touch ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_feature Feature String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_journey_id Journey ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_journey_name Journey Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_keyword Keyword String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_keyword_id Keyword ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_optimization_model Optimization Model String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_placement Placement String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_placement_id Placement ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_secondary_ad_format Secondary Ad Format String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_secondary_publisher Secondary Publisher String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_secondary_publisher_id Secondary Publisher ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_stage Stage String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_sub_site_name Sub Site Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_tags Tags ArrayString
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_technology_partner Technology Partner String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_customer_ad_set_name Customer Ad Set Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_tune_publisher_id TUNE Publisher ID Long
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_tune_publisher_name TUNE Publisher Name String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_view_id View ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_view_name View Name String
last_attributed_touch_timestamp Last Attributed Touch Timestamp Long
last_attributed_touch_timestamp_iso Last Attributed Touch Timestamp (ISO) String
last_attributed_touch_type Last Attributed Touch Type String
last_cta_view_data_custom_fields Last CTA View Custom Fields String
last_cta_view_data_dollar_3p Last CTA View Ad Partner (3p) String
last_cta_view_data_plus_via_features Last CTA View Via Features ArrayString
last_cta_view_data_plus_web_format Last CTA View Web Format String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_ad_id Last CTA View Ad ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_ad_name Last CTA View Ad Name String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_ad_set_id Last CTA View Ad Set ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_ad_set_name Last CTA View Ad Set Name String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_advertising_partner_name Last CTA View Ad Partner String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_agency Last CTA View Agency String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_banner_dimensions Last CTA View Banner Dimensions String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_branch_ad_format Last CTA View Branch Ad Format String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_campaign Last CTA View Campaign String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_campaign_id Last CTA View Campaign ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_campaign_type Last CTA View Campaign Type String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_channel Last CTA View Channel String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_creative_id Last CTA View Creative ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_creative_name Last CTA View Creative Name String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_external_touch_id Last CTA View External Touch ID Long
last_cta_view_data_tilde_feature Last CTA View Feature String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_keyword_id Last CTA View Keyword ID String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_optimization_model Last CTA View Optimization Model String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_placement Last CTA View Placement String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_secondary_ad_format Last CTA View Secondary Ad Format String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_secondary_publisher Last CTA View Secondary Publisher String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_stage Last CTA View Stage String
last_cta_view_data_tilde_tags Last CTA View Tags ArrayString
last_cta_view_data_tilde_technology_partner Last CTA View Technology Partner String
last_cta_view_timestamp Last CTA View Timestamp Long
last_cta_view_timestamp_iso Last CTA View Timestamp (ISO) String
minutes_from_last_attributed_touch_to_event Minutes From Last Attributed Touch To Event Integer
name Name String
organization_id Organization ID Long
organization_name Organization Name String
origin Origin String
reengagement_activity_attributed Reengagement Activity Attributed Boolean
referrer_click_timestamp Referrer Click Timestamp Long
seconds_from_last_attributed_touch_to_event Seconds From Last Attributed Touch To Event Integer
site_event_items_count Content Items Count Integer
store_install_begin_timestamp Store Install Begin Timestamp Long
timestamp Timestamp Long
timestamp_iso Timestamp (ISO) String
tune_site_event_id TUNE Site Event ID Long
tune_site_id TUNE Site ID Long
tune_site_name TUNE Site Name String
user_data_aaid AAID String
user_data_android_id Android ID String
user_data_app_package_name App Package Name String
user_data_app_version App Version String
user_data_brand Brand String
user_data_browser Browser String
user_data_build Build String
user_data_cpu_type CPU Type String
user_data_cross_platform_id Cross Platform ID String
user_data_developer_identity Developer Identity String
user_data_device_type Device Type String
user_data_environment Environment String
user_data_geo_city_code City Code Integer
user_data_geo_city_en City Integer
user_data_geo_country_code Country Code String
user_data_geo_country_en Country String
user_data_geo_dma_code DMA Code Integer
user_data_geo_lat Latitude Float
user_data_geo_lon Longitude Float
user_data_geo_postal_code Postal Code String
user_data_http_referrer HTTP Referrer String
user_data_idfa IDFA String
user_data_idfv IDFV String
user_data_installer_package_name Installer Package Name String
user_data_internet_connection_type Internet Connection Type String
user_data_ip IP Address String
user_data_is_jailbroken Is Jailbroken Boolean
user_data_kindle_id Kindle ID String
user_data_language Language String
user_data_limit_ad_tracking Limit Ad Tracking Boolean
user_data_model Model String
user_data_os OS String
user_data_os_version OS Version String
user_data_os_version_android OS Version (Android) String
user_data_past_cross_platform_ids Past Cross Platforms IDs ArrayString
user_data_platform Platform String
user_data_prob_cross_platform_ids Probabilistic Cross Platform IDs ArrayStruct
user_data_screen_height Screen Height Integer
user_data_screen_width Screen Width Integer
user_data_sdk_version SDK Version String
user_data_tune_mat_id TUNE MAT ID String
user_data_user_agent User Agent String
user_data_windows_aid Windows AID String
user_data_device_locale Device Locale String
user_data_carrier_name Carrier Name String
seconds_from_last_attributed_touch_to_store_install_begin Seconds From Touch To Store Install Begin Integer
seconds_from_install_to_event Seconds From Install To Event Integer
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_advertising_account_id Advertising Account ID String
last_attributed_touch_data_tilde_advertising_account_name Advertising Account Name String

TUNE Available Fields

IP Discrepancies

Geographic data, such as country and city, may not be available for a very small percentage of events where the IP cannot be resolved to a location.

Discontinued Fields

Some fields have very limited value to our customers and as such have been discontinued. Discontinued fields will not be available via the Custom Export API. Please work with your CSM or our Support team if you have questions or concerns.


Branch does not support exports of the infrequently-used update and postbacks TUNE topics.

TUNE Field TUNE Human Readable
ad_network_id Ad Network ID
ad_network_name Ad Network Name
advertiser_id Advertiser ID
advertiser_name Advertiser Name
advertiser_opt_out Advertiser Opt Out
advertiser_ref_id Advertiser Ref ID
advertiser_sub_ad_name My Ad Name
advertiser_sub_ad_ref My Ad Ref
advertiser_sub_adgroup_name My Adgroup Name
advertiser_sub_adgroup_ref My Adgroup Ref
advertiser_sub_campaign_name My Campaign Name
advertiser_sub_campaign_ref My Campaign Ref
advertiser_sub_keyword_name My Keyword Name
advertiser_sub_keyword_ref My Keyword Ref
advertiser_sub_placement_name My Placement Name
advertiser_sub_placement_ref My Placement Ref
advertiser_sub_publisher_name My Publisher Name
advertiser_sub_publisher_ref My Publisher Ref
advertiser_sub_site_name My Site Name
advertiser_sub_site_ref My Site Ref
agency_id Agency ID
agency_name Agency Name
app_version App Version
attribute_sub1 Attribute Sub1
attribute_sub2 Attribute Sub2
attribute_sub3 Attribute Sub3
attribute_sub4 Attribute Sub4
attribute_sub5 Attribute Sub5
branch_app_id Branch App ID
click_created Click Created
country_code Country Code
country_name Country Name
created Created
currency_code Currency Code
device_brand Device Brand
device_carrier Device Carrier
device_ip Device IP
device_model Device Model
device_type Device Type
download_date Download Date
event_type Event Type
existing_user Existing User
google_ad_tracking Google Ad Tracking Enabled
google_aid Google Advertising ID
id ID
impression_created Impression Created
install_created Install Created
install_date Install Date
install_publisher_name Install Publisher Name
ios_ad_tracking iOS Ad Tracking Enabled
ios_ifa iOS IDFA
ios_ifv iOS IDFV
ip IP
is_view_through Is View Through
language Language
latitude Latitude
longitude Longitude
mat_id Mat ID
metro_code Metro Code
os_id OS ID
os_jailbroke Jailbroken
os_version OS Version
package_name Package Name
platform_aid Platform AID
postal_code Postal Code
publisher_adgroup_id Publisher Adgroup ID
publisher_click_id Publisher Click ID
publisher_id Publisher ID
publisher_name Publisher Name
publisher_ref_id Publisher Ref ID
publisher_sub_ad_id Publisher Sub Ad ID
publisher_sub_ad_name Publisher Sub Ad Name
publisher_sub_ad_ref Publisher Sub Ad Ref
publisher_sub_adgroup_name Publisher Sub Adgroup Name
publisher_sub_adgroup_ref Publisher Sub Adgroup Ref
publisher_sub_campaign_id Publisher Sub Campaign ID
publisher_sub_campaign_name Publisher Sub Campaign Name
publisher_sub_campaign_ref Publisher Sub Campaign Ref
publisher_sub_channel Publisher Sub Channel
publisher_sub_feature Publisher Sub Feature
publisher_sub_keyword_id Publisher Sub Keyword ID
publisher_sub_keyword_name Publisher Sub Keyword Name
publisher_sub_keyword_ref Publisher Sub Keyword Ref
publisher_sub_placement_id Publisher Sub Placement ID
publisher_sub_placement_name Publisher Sub Placement Name
publisher_sub_placement_ref Publisher Sub Placement Ref
publisher_sub_publisher_id Publisher Sub Publisher ID
publisher_sub_publisher_name Publisher Sub Publisher Name
publisher_sub_publisher_ref Publisher Sub Publisher Ref
publisher_sub_site_name Publisher Sub Site Name
publisher_sub1 Publisher Sub1
publisher_sub2 Publisher Sub2
publisher_sub3 Publisher Sub3
publisher_sub4 Publisher Sub4
publisher_sub5 Publisher Sub5
publisher_sub_stage Publisher Sub Stage
publisher_sub_tags Publisher Sub Tags
region_name Region Name
revenue Revenue
revenue_usd Revenue USD
sdk SDK
sdk_version SDK Version
search_string Search String
session_datetime Session Datetime
site_event_id Site Event ID
site_event_name Site Event Name
site_event_type Site Event Type
site_id Site ID
site_name Site Name
stat_click_id Click ID
stat_impression_id Impression ID
transaction_id Transaction ID
user_agent User Agent
user_id User ID
windows_aid Windows Advertising ID
wurfl_brand_name Brand Name
wurfl_device_os Device OS
wurfl_device_os_version Device OS Version
wurfl_model_name Model Name
branch_app_id Branch App ID

Field Value Changes

When exporting the following fields, you will notice a difference between the value TUNE provides vs the value Branch provides.

  • Country Name
    • TUNE: Korea - South
    • Branch: Republic of Korea
  • Region Name
    • TUNE: seoul teugbyeoisi
    • Branch: Seoul
  • City Code
    • TUNE: 2261 (Seoul)
    • Branch: 1835848 (Seoul)
  • Language
    • TUNE: ko, ko-KR, en-KR
    • Branch: KO

Including Fields from Related Data Objects

Related objects no longer use periods ( . ) to access the properties on the object. Rather, field names use underscores ( _ ) only.

For example, will now be exported as site_event_id.

Cthulhu Filter Specification

Please refer to the Cthulhu Filter Specification if you are unsure how to properly format the filter.

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Custom Exports

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