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Advanced Compliance


Advanced Compliance

Access to Advanced Compliance requires premium product access. Please reach out to your account manager or contact sales.


Branch Advanced Compliance enables Healthcare brands to benefit from Branch linking, web-to-app Journeys, and owned/earned/organic attribution while satisfying HIPAA compliance obligations. Privacy in the mobile marketing ecosystem is everchanging, and Branch strives to support all of your mobile linking and measurement needs while maintaining the level of privacy that your company needs.

Features include:

  • Advanced Security Gateway - A separate data architecture, including an isolated network with custom traffic routing, strong authentication, and multiple levels of encryption
  • Protected Endpoint - Data will flow through a protected and isolated environment in which sensitive data is locked and subsequently available only where strictly necessary for specific business needs

Branch Use Case & Feature Support

Use CasesEvents
Deep LinkingClicks
Organic AttributionOpens
Web Sessions
Page Views
Content/Commerce/Custom/User-Lifecycle Events


In order to enable Advanced Compliance, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Created a Branch Dashboard.
  2. Implemented the Branch SDK into your mobile app (iOS | Android | Web)
  3. Developer implements SDK methods into your mobile/web app.
  4. IT & Identity Provider ready for setting up SSO.
  5. Your company meets the minimum security configuration requirements:
    1. 2FA enabled for login access
    2. Antivirus software enabled on company machines
    3. Intrusion detection system enabled on company machines
    4. Strong complex use of password configuration
    5. Frequent rotation of passwords

Enable Advanced Compliance

1. Configure your Branch SDK

Implement the setAPIUrl(...) method from the Branch SDK and set it to use the following protected endpoint:

SDK Version Requirement

React Nativev6.2.0

2. Configure your Branch Link Domain

You may use the subdomain that you already have set for your Branch app or you can set up a custom root domain for Advanced Compliance:


Custom Subdomain

Using a Custom Subdomain for Advanced Compliance is not support. Only or custom root domains are supported.

3. Configure SSO

This step is not required, but it is highly recommended as single sign-on (SSO) is beneficial for increased security:


Are there certain features that are currently not compatible with Advanced Compliance?

All features not included in this list are currently not supported. Branch is currently working on supporting other products/use cases like:

  • Universal Ads
  • Universal Email
  • SEO App Attribution
Does the product work with all of your SDKs?

Usage of the protected endpoint is available through these SDK versions. Branch is currently working on supporting the other SDKs and Wrappers/Plugins.

What happens to my users using an older version of my app?

For the users who have not updated their app version to include the use of the protected endpoint, all data sent to Branch will be excluded from Advanced Compliance.

If I use a custom root domain, what happens to my URLs?

The > domain will continue to work, but newer links will be created using the custom root domain by default.