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Update to Short Link Expiration Window

Branch Short Links will have a new expiration window in March 2024. Find out more in this update 🔗


Effective March 11, 2024, all newly created Short Links will expire 380 Days after creation.


Links Flagged for Expiration

If you have Branch Short Links that were flagged for expiration and have been deleted, reach out to your Branch Account Manager or Submit a Ticket for backfill assistance until April 1, 2024.

There will be no changes to Long Links, Quick Links, or Ad Links. By default, these links do not expire.

Expiration Window Reset

  • For the Short Links that are already created and active, the expiration clocks on them will be reset.
  • When an existing Short Link is clicked or if Branch receives a read request via the Deep Linking API, the expiration window is reset to 380 days from the click/request.
  • To ensure a Short Link remains active forever, we recommend setting up a script to trigger a GET request periodically within the 380 Day timeframe.


Looking to learn more about Branch Links in general including expiration behavior? View our guide here: