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Why do we still need an MMP?

While some of the mechanisms have changed, the role of the MMP stays exactly the same: provide unbiased measurement that allows you to make actionable decisions. Branch's proposed solution supports SKAdNetwork while also preserving the data needed for device-level attribution on organic channels and a cohesive view of all results across iOS/Android/web/OTT.

In addition to providing neutral, third-party verification on SKAN-reported results from your active ad networks, Branch also offers the following value as an MMP partner:

1. Deep linking / deferred deep linking capabilities.

It’s clear that Apple is only looking to crack down on advertising measurement, tracking, and audience use cases. Navigation and user-experience use cases are still supported and valid. In a world with more limitations on growth hacking strategies to optimize for app installs, there will be a core use case for (1) deferred deep linking to reduce friction in new user experiences and (2) direct deep linking from walled gardens that consistently routes acquired users back to the app for higher conversion rates and enhanced LTV.

2. Support for Android device-level (until GAID goes away).

We must not forget that Apple only owns a single platform, and Android still represents the vast majority of mobile devices. Things will continue as they were until Google indicates otherwise with GAID.

3. Aggregate data ingestion, combination, calculation and access.

As an MMP, Branch plugs into your media networks to ingset information on cost and performance, allowing easy manipulation and visualization of all campaigns in a single dashboard. The value of a service like this increases as spend becomes more fragmented and lets your UA team act independently, so you can quickly evaluate impact and iterate accordingly.

4. Access to MMP-only data from Facebook

Where users do approve the ATT from both Facebook and your app, Branch will continue to provide device-level data insights available only through Facebook MMPs that can help guide your targeting criteria, creative/copy optimization and bid structure, even where they do not reflect the full set of user data.

5. Reporting and benchmarking multiple non-exclusive datasets

Branch will provide analytics on the multiple non-mutually exclusive datasets (aggregate SKAN for paid media only, ATT-tracked device-level for advertising tracking only, device-level owned-channel without advertising tracking) that, when analyzed together, can provide unique insight around paid media efficacy, advertising incrementality, and paid + owned channel tandem strategies that increase the rate of SKAN-trackable conversion value achievement in the paradigm of SKAN’s 24-hour looping timer.

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