How do we structure our internal BI systems without IDFA?

Right now, most customers export Branch/MMP data to their own systems and run calculations that combine click/impression/app events based off of the IDFA that is registered in all of these events. That IDFA key will disappear with iOS 14, so many internal data systems (aggregate analytics, mix modeling, in-house MTA, replicating Branch reports in their own systems) will stop working because there's no common key across these events anymore.

Your degree of impact will depend on the percentage of your users who are on iOS (if you’re a Branch customer, you can easily generate a report like this one showing the breakdown of iOS/Android traffic), and how you may have been using IDFAs in your current business systems.

If you used IDFA for data stitching, identity resolution, or other analytics, you will need to change to an alternative identifier, such as the IDFV (user_data_idfv).

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