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What happens if we can't/don't want to show the ATT prompt?

Apple has taken a very strong position with the default language in the AppTrackingTransparency prompt. We understand that some companies may simply not feel comfortable showing this modal to users, even though it is for a completely legitimate and appropriate purpose.

If you choose not to show the ATT prompt, you'll see the following:

  • Device-level ad attribution will no longer be possible for any users on iOS 14.5. Instead, you'll receive aggregate data via SKAdNetwork for app-to-app install campaigns (assuming your ad network has implemented SKAdNetwork) Attribution will not be possible for web-to-app ads, or for re-engagement ads.
  • Attribution for owned/organic channels will continue to work as before.
  • Deep linking will continue to function, including deferred deep linking and deep links in paid ads when supported by ad networks (device-level matching for the purpose of UX is not considered 'tracking' under Apple's policy)

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