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How do we set up the Facebook SKAN Conversion Bit Schema integration with Branch?

To sync SKAdNetwork conversion value mappings with Facebook for campaign optimization, Branch provides an API endpoint that customers may paste into the Facebook Ads Manager UI.

The API endpoint follows this format, and can only be called by Facebook's services:{itunes_id}

Note: the {itunes_id} parameter must be replaced with the respective iTunes ID for your app (not your Branch app ID). Your iTunes ID is the series of numbers at the end of your app's App Store page URL.

For example: would have an endpoint URL of

Instructions for adding Conversion Bit Schema API endpoint to Facebook

  1. Visit the Ads → Partner Management → Facebook page in the Branch dashboard.
    Note: Conversion Value URL will only be visible for customers that have opted in to Branch SDK support on the SKAdNetwork Configurations dashboard
  1. Copy and paste the URL.
  2. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and navigate to Events Manager.
  1. Go to "Settings" highlighted in the screenshot above and select "Set Up Events" under Configure App Events for SKAdNetwork
  1. Select "Import from Partner App"
  2. Copy and paste the URL and hit "Connect"


Important notes about which customers should use this endpoint

The Conversion Bit Schema sync functionality is intended to support customers who are using the Branch SDK for SKAdNetwork support.

If you are:

  • Using the Facebook SDK for SKAdNetwork. You should not use this endpoint. Facebook will automatically pull in their own conversion-value schema.
  • Calling SKAN methods natively in your app. You may be able to use this endpoint:
    • Option 1: Facebook provides functionality within the Facebook Events Manager to specify your conversion value mapping. See this Facebook guide for more info. This is the recommended option if you are calling SKAN methods natively, and in this case, you should not use the endpoint.
    • Option 2: If your custom conversion value mapping exactly matches Branch SDK functionality (1 in-app event is mapped directly to 1 SKAN conversion-value value) and you have properly entered this by using custom SKAN event labels in Branch's dashboard mapping tool, you can use the endpoint above. However, the endpoint will not work as expected if you are using a more complex custom conversion value strategy, such as revenue buckets or event counts.

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