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Each of the Branch APIs have a fully flushed out reference page for you as a developer to query the APIs very easily. Additionally, you can even try out the API you are if you are on the reference page to put in your preferred query/body parameters and get a response directly on the page.




Make sure your Branch account has sufficient access rights to your Branch app.

Different APIs require different types of authentication using your Branch credentials. For example, for the Aggregate API, you will need your Branch app_id/organization_id and your developer user Access-Token, while the Daily Export API just requires your branch_key and branch_secret.


Required Parameters

In order for the APIs to function properly, you need to have the correct input/format for the respective parameter.


Try It!

After you have the correct authentication credentials and filled out the required parameters for the API, you can then click the Try It! button and get a response directly on the page.