Stitch Webhooks


This guide will walk you through how to send your Branch data to Stitch using Branch Webhooks. Enabling this integration will result in automatically forwarding Branch events to Stitch.


复制,Schema,Webhook URL 和安全性

For additional information on Replication, Schema, Webhook URLs, & Security, please follow Stitch's documentation.



  • 本指南要求您将(Branch SDK)[] 集成到您的移动应用中。
  • 您还需要成为 Stitch 客户

1. 将 Branch 添加为 Stitch 数据源

  1. 登录您的 Stitch 帐户。
  2. 在 Stitch 操作后台 (Dashboard)页面上,点击Add Integration 键。
  3. 点击 Branch 图标。
  4. 输入集成的名称。该名称将显示在 Stitch 操作后台 (Dashboard)上以进行集成。它还将用于在目标位置创建架构。例如,名称 “Stitch Branch” 将在目标中创建一个名为 stitch_branch 的模式。注意:保存集成后,无法更改架构名称。
  5. 点击 Add Integration

2. 生成 Branch Webhook URL

一旦 Stitch 成功保存并创建了 Branch 集成,您将被重定向到显示您的 Branch webhook URL 和 Token(在下图中模糊)的页面:


点击 Copy 键将其复制。

Note that this particular URL won’t display in Stitch again once you click Continue. Think of this URL like you would your login or API credentials - keep it secret, keep it safe. You can, however, generate another URL should you need it.

复制完 Webhook URL 后,请点击 Continue 以将内容包装在 Stitch 中。

3. 在 Branch 中设置 webhooks

  1. Log in to the Branch Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Webhooks in Data Feeds.
  3. 添加一个新的 webhook
  4. 在显示的窗口中:
    • 将您 Stitch 生成的 webhook URL 粘贴到 URL 字段中。
    • 保持方法(POST)不变。
    • Set the notification frequency using the drop-down menu. You can choose to receive a webhook for every single event occurrence or only for the first time that event is triggered for a unique user.
      -Set the event trigger using the drop-down menu.
  5. 完成后,点击添加 webhook 键。