Remerge specializes in Incremental App Retargeting. This means we measure success by calculating the incremental uplift on your bottom-line KPIs. We run a continuous uplift test in the background of every campaign at no extra cost, so you can always get transparency on how much additional revenue was generated by your retargeting campaigns, taking organic conversions into account.

Increase retention and lifetime value in the most efficient and scalable way:
With an infrastructure designed to maximize reach, you can seamlessly retarget up to 2 million users per second programmatically across 500,000 apps. In this way, Remerge drives incremental revenue faster than anybody else.


Partner Capabilities


Company Type

  • 广告网络
  • DSP
  • RTB




  • Click-Through Attribution
  • 浏览型归因

Ad Campaign Types

  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns

Ad Formats

Not provided by Remerge. Please ask your rep at Remerge for more details about supported Ad Formats.

Click Types

  • Client-side click
  • Server-side click


  • iOS
  • 安卓

Link Wrapping


Cost Ingestion Support


Cost Ingestion Types

  • API

Pricing Models

  • 每次点击费用









  1. Visit the Ads page on the Branch dashboard.
  2. 从边栏中选择Partner Management
  3. 搜索Remerge
  4. Select Remerge and click Save & Enable.


当Branch评估转化(安装或其他事件)时,它确定哪个广告网络或合作伙伴负责生成操作,然后将功劳归功于适当的合作伙伴。 Branch会通过回传将这些事件通知广告合作伙伴,当您启用任何Universal Ads集成合作伙伴时,回传便会打开。

Basic postbacks will automatically be activated for events like Install and Purchase when you enable your ad partner.

Branch的回发系统高度为可定制 ;您可以为特定事件以及事件的特定子部分设置回发,并按链接数据,用户数据或事件属性进行过滤。

You can then add additional postbacks, for example, if you wanted to add postbacks for custom events that are specific to your app like Account Created. You can also edit postbacks if there's additional data you really need to pass along to your ad partner.


Troubleshoot Postbacks


Note, by resetting your partner settings, this will:

  • Disable the ad partner
  • Clear out all of your saved credentials and postbacks that are already setup
  • Return the ad partner to its basic configuration

Learn more here on how to reset your ad partner's settings.

4. Verify Integration Setup

View Link Parameters

Please review link parameters to make sure you're familiar with the data Branch is sending to the partner on your behalf.

The parameters you see here are added to this networks links by default. This list is shown here for reference and cannot be edited.

View Attribution Windows

When you enable Use Ad Partner Attribution Windows, the defaults from the app-level are auto-loaded. Please contact your Ad Partner if they require different settings to ensure you input the correct attribution window lengths.

Learn more about Branch's Attribution Windows.



Learn how to Test Postbacks

5. Create a Branch Link

If you are running paid advertising campaigns, you'll want to create a Branch Ad Link so we can accurately attribute resulting app conversions to the appropriate advertising partner.

Branch Ad Links support deferred deep linking, Android App Links, and iOS Universal Links, as well as web and app conversions.

Learn how to Create A Branch Ad Link.