SKAdNetwork 分析操作后台 (Dashboard)


连接到 SKAdNetwork 后,Branch 可以展示广告 Campaign 效果的汇总报告。根据 SKAdNetwork 回传收到的 data,Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard) 将生成图和表格,营销团队从而可以进行优化。




Source 应用 ID

这是显示广告的应用程序的 ID


筛选内容里 Branch 收到的回传总数。



重新下载时 Branch 收到的回传总数= false


重新下载时 Branch 收到的回传总数= true


有 conversion value (conversion value 不为 null) 的回传总数。

例如,如果 Branch 收到 10 个 conversion value 为 5 的回传和 7 个 conversion value 为 6 的回传,则转化事件总数 (Total Conversion Events)为 17。

Conversion Value 映射

说明 conversion value 的映射对象在大多数情况下,它是一个事件名称。

Campaign ID

SKAdNetwork ID — Apple 回传的 Campaign ID

合作伙伴活动 ID

来自广告合作伙伴的 campaign ID。这是一个可选字段,广告合作伙伴可以将其发送到 Branch,但是,并非所有广告活动/广告合作伙伴都可以使用这个字段。


合作伙伴活动名称。这是一个可选字段,广告合作伙伴可以将其发送到 Branch,但是,并非所有广告活动/广告合作伙伴都可以使用这个字段。

Download Type

Which type of download a row represents; this corresponds directly with the redownload value received in the postback. A "false" value indicates the data is for installs, and a "true" value indicates the data is for reinstalls.


Number of times users tapped on the SKAN campaign.


Number of times users saw the SKAN campaign.


The number of postbacks received by Apple that didn't win the final attribution but the user saw the ad. Up to five other ad networks can receive postbacks of non-winning attribution if their ad leads to an impression and is dependent on the ad partner providing that information to Branch.

For example, if the user downloads the app from an ad click on Ad Network A, but saw the ad from Ad Networks, B, C, D, E, and F, the number of assists will be 5.


For both the chart and table views, you can generate different reports using the Compare by function and adding in different parameters




The name of the ad network running the campaign.

Ad Set ID

Ad Set ID supplied by some ad partners.


Ad set name supplied by some ad partners.

Body Version

The version of the SKAdNetwork API being used by the publisher app.

Campaign ID

The Non-Apple Campaign ID supplied by some ad partners.

Conversion Value

Conversion value (0-63) which represents a post-install action. The highest conversion value that the end-user performed during the timer will be reflected.

Fidelity Type

If 1, this represents a Store-Kit rendered ad (App Store product page, rendered by Store Kit) If 0, this represents a "View-Through" ad (Custom, provided by ad network).

Mapped Alias

The annotated customer event alias.

Conversion Value 映射

Mapped value of the conversion value received.

Mapped Lower Revenue

Mapped value of the lower revenue value received.

Mapped Upper Revenue

Mapped value of the upper revenue value received.

合作伙伴活动 ID

The ID of the SKAN campaign supplied by some ad partners.


The name of the SKAN campaign supplied by some ad partners.

Source 应用 ID

App ID of publisher app.