SAN 延迟深度链接


SAN 延迟深度链接

SAN Deferred Deep Linking is by request only. Please contact our support team to gain access to this feature.


Branch SDK 在应用内初始化时,会调用回 Branch 并传回深度链接 data。这一过程中,自归因广告平台 (SANs) 中的数据已被排除。借助此功能,在新安装或重新安装 (不是 open) 时,我们会将 SAN 广告 data 作为深度链接 data 传回。

支持以下 SAN:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Snap


iOS 14.5 发布后 SAN 延迟深度链接的变化

iOS ONLY: SAN Deferred Deep Linking will only work after the user opts-in to sharing their device data through Apple's AppTrackingTransparency framework. This also means that there will be a delay due to the nature of the 2nd install event only occurring after a paid-attributed opt-in.

For additional information on changes post iOS 14.5, visit our FAQ Pages

查看返回的 SAN 深度链接数据

我们将仅返回从 SAN 返回的信息,其中不包含任何 Branch Link 控制参数,因为不涉及 Branch Link。即使客户在广告中放置了 Branch Link,该功能也不会返回该链接的数据。

Below is an example response to The deep link data is inside data.

    "session_id": "775732418224171111",
    "identity_id": "775732414789038000",
    "link": "",
    "data": {
        "+is_first_session": true,
        "$3p": "a_google",
        "~advertising_partner_name": "Google",
        "+click_timestamp": 1557204842,
        "~secondary_publisher": "google",
        "~campaign": "ABC",
        "~campaign_id": "33333377778880001",
        "~ad_set_name": "DEF",
        "~ad_set_id": "4444333399990002",
        "~ad_name": "XYZ",
        "~ad_id": "22223333377770003",
        "~feature": "paid advertising",
        "~ad_objective_name": "APP_INSTALLS",
        "~channel": "Google"
    "device_fingerprint_id": "777778888855555222"


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