Google Ads Discrepancies

Identifying and minimizing discrepancies between the Branch and Google Ads Dashboards.

SAN Discrepancy

The main sources of discrepancies apply to all SANs that connect with Branch. Additional details can be found in our Common Sources of SAN Reporting Discrepancies.

Cost, Click & Impressions

Google counts conversion day for click and impression so if you are comparing day by day it will be different.

  • On the day that you click, Google is calling it the date of the install.
  • Whereas Branch is calling the date as the date of the installs even if it might be three days later.


Google Adwords Valuetrack 参数

Branch utilizes Google's Valuetrack parameters to collect more detailed information on the source of an ad click. Furthermore, we dynamically map Adword's campaign id and network parameters to a Branch Link's campaign analytics Campaign and Channel tags respectively. Leave these tags blank to have them dynamically mapped.

See below for a table of Valuetrack parameters collected by default through Branch's Ad links and refer to the table in Google's Valuetrack for more parameters to append.

Valuetrack Parameters on Branch Ad Links

What It Returns


广告 Campaign ID


广告的广告组 ID




点击广告的内容网站(针对以关键字定位的 Campaign),或点击广告的网站的相匹配定位条件(针对展示位置的 Campaign)


点击的来源:Google 搜索为 "g" ,搜索合作伙伴为 "s" ,或展示广告平台为 "d"



通用应用 Campaign(UAC)

  • 由于不接受 Google Ads UAC 用户界面中的链接,因此,我们将仅报告汇总的点击次数(通过 Google 的报告 API)
  • 单个 UAC 点击将不会出现在 Branch 的实时 liveview 操作后台 (Dashboard),Webhook 或导出中
  • 'Unique' UAC 数据无法在广告分析操作后台 (Dashboard)上查看(非 UAC 与常规的搜索 Campaign 一样,将报告所有 Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard)中的点击情况)
  • 每3小时报告一次 UAC 点击次数
  • Branch 仅报告来自 Google Ads Campaign 的安装或应用参与度的点击

Missing/Duplicated Click Data for Web-based Campaign

Click data for web campaigns is available with full breakdowns, but there are specific requirements for setting up web campaigns. Please see the SAN Web Tracking guide for more information on setting up web campaigns.


View-Through Conversions

默认情况下,Google Ads 在报表的单独列中包含浏览型转化计数。如果您在 Branch 中启用了展示窗口,我们还可以归因于 VTC 的安装和事件(当没有来自其他合作伙伴的匹配点击时)。这些将被分组为安装和事件计数,并且可以使用 Branch 报告中的“最后归因触点类型比较”进行细分。您可以在 Google AdWords 合作伙伴管理的归因设置标签中管理用于启用此归因的设置。

Conversion Table in Google Ads

When viewing a campaign, it shows the sum of all conversion events that apply to it. To view by conversion, navigate to Segment > Conversions > Conversion name, in order to clearly see the breakdown of your campaign's conversions.


Missing Conversions in Google Ads

Ensure that, in the Google Ads dashboard, you have imported all Branch events that you want to see in Google Ads.

Different Conversion Counts

While we should always expect around a 5% discrepancy due to time zone differences and the like, if you are seeing significant discrepancies, it could be an indication of a broader problem.

The first thing to do is to make sure you Configure Attribution Windows.

Another source of discrepancies is the fact that attribution is based upon click time in Google Ads, whereas it is based upon conversion time in the Branch Dashboard. This will sometimes show different numbers in the two dashboards. This usually does not affect install numbers because install usually happens same-day as click, but it will have an impact on downstream events where events can sometimes occur up to 90 days after a click.

除了 UAC 内的 iOS 搜索流量外,Google 几乎会将最终算在内的所有应用转化都发送归因数据,并且它们目前也未确认独立(UAC 之外)YouTube TrueView 转化为 Branch(TrueView 转化支持为开发中)。


iOS Campaigns Search Inventory

As of July 2019, Google has stopped reporting on installs from iOS App Campaign Search Inventory.

最后,Google Ads 最多可以将报告延迟24小时。最好以 trailing 方式测量 Campaign。

Misaligned UAC Data

Google installs should have the full range of compare by options in the Branch Dashboard. However, clicks, impressions, and cost data for UAC are imported via the Google Ads Reporting API, as noted above. The Google Ads Reporting API does not necessarily provide the same breakdowns that Branch can create with raw install events, so there may be cases where the Branch Dashboard cannot compare by the same dimensions for clicks vs installs.