Facebook SKAdNetwork


The introduction of iOS 14.5 came with the rise of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) that had industry-wide impacts on the mobile measurement and attribution ecosystem. As such, Facebook will work differently from most non-self-attribution networks when it comes to SKAdNetwork campaigns.

Facebook will not be forwarding individual SKAdNetwork postbacks to Branch. However, aggregate SKAN data will be passed back via Facebook’s Ads Insights API. In this flow, Facebook collects individual SKAN postbacks, cryptographically validates them internally, and then provides only pre-generated results to Branch via an API endpoint. Additionally, data shared via API is may not include all data dimensions reflected in the SKAdNetwork postbacks.

Facebook SKAN Support

Supported Campaigns

Facebook Campaign Type

SKAdNetwork Support for Branch

Mobile App Install (MAI)

:白色复选标记: 通过 API 将汇总的 SKAN 数据提供给 Branch

App Event Optimization (AEO)

:白色复选标记: 通过 API 将汇总的 SKAN 数据提供给 Branch

Value Optimization (VO)

:白色复选标记: 通过 API 将汇总的 SKAN 数据提供给 Branch


:X: 不支持 SKAN

Supported Data Dimensions via API


Data Support





Conversion Value


Campaign 名称


Campaign ID


Data Not Shared by Facebook

  • Install vs. Reinstall
    • Facebook does not share this via the API; therefore, all data is considered download/install in Branch systems.

Implementation via API


有关哪些客户应使用此 endpoint 的重要说明

Conversion Bit Schema 同步功能旨在支持使用 Branch SDK 用于 SKAdNetwork 支持的客户。


  • Using the Facebook SDK for SKAdNetwork. You should not use this endpoint. Facebook will automatically pull in their own conversion-value schema.
  • 在您的 App 中本地调用 SKAN 方法。您可能可以使用此 endpoint:
    • Option 1: Facebook provides functionality within the Facebook Events Manager to specify your conversion value mapping. See this Facebook guide for more info. This is the recommended option if you are calling SKAN methods natively, and in this case, you should not use the endpoint.
    • Option 2: If your custom conversion value mapping exactly matches Branch SDK functionality (1 in-app event is mapped directly to 1 SKAN conversion-value value) and you have properly entered this by using custom SKAN event labels in Branch's dashboard mapping tool, you can use the endpoint above. However, the endpoint will not work as expected if you are using a more complex custom conversion value strategy, such as revenue buckets or event counts.

如需将 SKAdNetwork 转化值映射与 Facebook 同步以优化广告活动,Branch 提供了一个 API endpoint,客户可以将其粘贴到 Facebook Ads Manager UI 中。

API endpoint 遵循以下格式,并且只能由 Facebook 的服务调用:


Note: the {itunes_id} parameter must be replaced with the respective iTunes ID for your app (not your Branch app ID). Your iTunes ID is the series of numbers at the end of your app's App Store page URL.

例如: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/branch-monster-factory/id917737838 would have an endpoint URL of https://api2.branch.io/v2/partners/a_facebook/conversion-value-mappings?app_id=917737838

1. Navigate to Facebook in the Branch Dashboard's Ads Partner Management

a. Log in to your Branch Dashboard
b. On the left-hand navigation bar navigate to Ads → Partner Management
c. Search or scroll to find Facebook


Note: Conversion Value URL will only be visible for customers that have opted into Branch SDK support on the SKAdNetwork Configurations.

2. Copy the URL.

3. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and navigate to Events Manager.


4. Go to "Settings" highlighted in the screenshot above and select "Set Up Events" under Configure App Events for SKAdNetwork


5. Select "Import from Partner App"

6. Paste the URL copied from step 2 and click "Connect"



Connection error when entering our Branch conversion schema URL

如果粘贴 Branch 转换架构 URL 时收到以下错误:



  • You must have your app enabled for SKAdNetwork via the Branch dashboard (see this page for more).
  • 必须至少有一个使用 Branch 操作后台映射的 conversion value(否则 Facebook 只会从 Branch 的 API 中得到一个空响应)。

Branch Dashboard Data Sync

If you feel the data that you see in the Branch Dashboard is not correct, we recommend waiting 24-48 hours after implementation. Data on the Branch Dashboard is reflected by the Facebook conversion date and not the Branch ingestion date. It has a similar delay to cost data displayed on traditional SAN app install campaigns.