Enable Google Web-Based Campaigns

Integrate Branch in your Google Web campaigns to enable robust attribution and deep linking.


While App Campaigns (UAC/UACe) are focused solely on campaigns for app installs/engagement, you can still use Google web-based campaigns (Display, Search, Discovery, Video, Shopping) to expand your marketing efforts that enable both app and web conversions. Once enabled, Branch will automatically attribute trackable app conversions, deep link users from web campaigns, and attribute web events in Branch.


Tracking Links

You only need this guide if you do not have Universal Links and/or App Links enabled for your app as search campaigns will route to web, and you need Branch Links in the tracking template if you want any tracking at all for the app (after the user is routed via web).
If you have Universal Links and/or App Links enabled, you can skip this guide as Google will claim conversions via the attribution API.


In order to enable Google Ads Web-based Campaigns, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Enable Google App Campaigns
  2. Enable Parallel Tracking.
  3. Enable Auto-Tagging.
  4. Implement the Branch Web SDK
    • Track Web Events
    • Note: Google does not ingest web events and will only use web events tracked via their own web trackers.

Enable Web-Based Campaigns

1. Create a Campaign

After completing the prerequisites, set up your Web Engagement campaign in Google Ads


For example for a Display campaign:

  • Select Website traffic as your goal
  • Set Display as your campaign type
  • Set your campaign subtype as Standard, Smart, or Gmail

2. Build a Branch Ad Link

Log into the Branch Dashboard, and create a Branch Ad Link from the Create button on the top right. Make sure you set the Ad Partner to Google Adwords.


Use the following table to determine the type of Branch Ad Link to create based on your campaign:


Branch Ad Link Type

Link Placement


Difference Between Format Types

Campaign or Ad Level tracking template


Cross-Platform Search

Campaign, Ad Level tracking template, or Final URL*. Make sure you replace lpurl={lpurl} with %24fallback_url={lpurl} in your link.


Difference Between Format Types

Campaign or Ad Level tracking template


Difference Between Format Types

Campaign or Ad Level tracking template


Difference Between Format Types

Campaign or Ad Level tracking template

Be sure to define your analytics tags to mirror what is in Google Ads. Additional details on creating Branch Ad Links can be found in our guide here.


Once your Branch Ad Link is complete, be sure to copy the Click Tracking Link as this will be used in the next step.


Note: You can append additional macros on your Branch Ad Link after the link is created.

3. Add to Tracking Template

Add the Branch Click Tracking Link from Step 2 to the Campaign Tracking Template. You can use the same one across ad groups or you can do this for each ad group separately.


Once you are done with the campaign settings, just launch the campaign!

Deep Linking from Google Web-Based Campaigns

Please consult with your app development team to set up deep linking for your Google Web-Based Campaigns.

The setup requires enabling Universal Links & Android App Links on your web domain:

If you would like to attribute deep-linked app conversions from SEO, please see Branch's SEO App Attribution feature.

Using your Product Feed

When setting up a Shopping campaign, you can use your own product feeds.

上传到 Google Merchant Center

  1. In Google Merchant Center, navigate to Products then Feeds
  1. 点击蓝色的大加号键以添加新的 feed。
  2. 按照提示命名 Feed,选择 Feed 语言,然后上传或连接 Feed。
  3. 创建提要后,Merchant Center 将需要几分钟来处理它。完成此操作后,您就可以在 AdWords Campaign 中使用 Feed。

在 AdWords 中使用 Merchant Center Feed

  1. 在您的 AdWords 操作后台 (Dashboard)中,前往 All Campaigns 页面。
  1. 点击红色的 Campaign 键,然后创建一个新的购物 Campaign。
  2. 在 Shopping Ads Setup 页面上,确保选择了正确的商家标识符(该标识符应与您的Merchant Center 操作后台 (Dashboard)中的值匹配)。
  3. 完成广告配置并命名您的广告组。
  4. 您应该会看到新的 Campaign 和广告组。

AdWords 将自动从 Google Merchant Center 中的主要 Feed 中提取为购物 Campaign 定义的产品。

Tracking Web-Only Campaigns

If you are running campaigns that are web-only, you can still use Branch Ad Links to track that campaign. Be sure to add the following tags:




This must match the campaign name in Google Ads


This is used to avoid duplicating clicks

Additional details can be found in our SAN Web Tracking guide.


Branch supports the measurement of the following touch types for Video Ads:

  • 展示
  • 点击
  • When a user watches a skippable video for 10 seconds or more this Engaged View is sent as a "click" by Google Ads.
    • In other words, Google bundles clicks and engaged views into engagements for iOS.
      • Android Engaged View: engaged_view
      • iOS Click/Engaged View: engagement

本文档支持以下 Google Campaign 类型:

Google Campaign

Campaign Type/Objective

Branch Ad Format












受 AdWords 广告支持吗?







更改为 “parallel tracking” 后,Google 会将客户直接定向到最终 URL,并使用新的Beacon API 将后台 URL(包括跟随任何服务器端重定向)的"点击"。此处的关键是终端用户的浏览器仍在访问追踪 URL(和重定向),但是由于这是“并行”发生的(即,对客户不可见),因此用户体验会更好。对于不支持 Beacon API 的浏览器,Google 会退回传统的顺序追踪。

How does Parallel Tracking work?

如果您正在运行通用应用安装 Campaign,则并行追踪不会起作用,因为此 Campaign 类型会将用户仅定向到相应的 App Store,并且不包含第三方链接。

If you are running a non-UAC Web-based Ad (Display, Search, Shopping, Video), and using a Branch Link as Tracking Template, parallel tracking ensures your users are directly routed to the final destination while also allowing Branch to properly measure and attribute the resulting actions/conversions.


How does this impact me?

归因不受影响,因为尽管 Branch Link 不再是域的推荐 URL,但并行追踪仍然允许产生 Branch Link 点击。这意味着将 Branch Match ID 参数仍附加到“点击”的链接,并且Branch 仍可以将 Match ID 存储(并访问)在本地存储中,因为 Web SDK 仍然可以加载和读取查询参数,即使没有在后台运作时。

此外,这符合 Google & Safari 对如何追踪点击(即使用查询参数而不是第三方 Cookie 的期望)的期望,并且符合当前政策。

为什么我的广告在 Google Ads 上被下架了?

For Video Campaigns, sometimes your ad may be disapproved if the Branch link does not re-direct to Google Play or App Store when clicked on a desktop. Please ensure that for the Branch link you're using to track installs, Deepviews are disabled and a desktop redirect is set to either the App / Play store.

对于跨平台 Campa,如果 Branch Links 未重定向到广告中指定的最终目标 URL,有时您的广告可能会被下架。请确保您的 Branch Links 重定向到广告中指定的最终到达网址。为确保安装追踪功能正常,请确保使用的 Branch Links 用于追踪安装,Deepviews 被禁用并且您的 Branch Links 的 iOS/Android 重定向设置为各自的 App/Play Store。

将 URL 更改为 Branch Link 会如何影响我在 Google Ads 中的 Quality Score?

无论您以任何方式对 Google Ads 中的广告进行更改(无论是着陆页还是广告文案),都会重置广告历史记录并重新计算质量得分。但是,在重新制作带有 Branch Link 的广告后,深度链接可提高转化率,因此一旦开始使用 Branch Link,广告质量得分应会提高。更改广告的最佳做法是创建一个新的广告单元。

Does Branch Links work in Google Web Stories

Yes, you may use Branch Quick Links in Google Web Stories for both deep linking and attribution.

How does Auto-Tagging work with Branch?

If you have Auto-Tagging enabled on your Google Ads account, Google will auto-append a gclid value and the {gclid} macro that exists in the Branch Ad Link will not be used. This leads to two gclid values on the link which significantly impacts down-funnel analytics negatively.

If you keep auto-tagging on, you will need to manually remove the {gclid} macro that is present in the Branch Dashboard generated Ad Links for Search and Display.

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