Advanced Deepview Configurations

Configure advanced settings for your Branch Deepviews.


The default Deepview template simply displays the content from three of the link's control parameters. You can specify the content of these parameters when creating your link to control what will display in that link’s Deepview. If nothing is set for a particular link, we will gracefully fall back to the OG values set for your entire app in Configuration > General > Social Media Preview.



您想要在 deepview 中显示的标题


您想要在 deepview 中显示的描述


您想要在 deepview 中显示的图像 URL


允许您控制 Branch 使用 URI 方案打开应用的方式和时间。

0 - This is the default value that yields the standard behavior where we don't try to open the app if the user can see an error.

1 - Smart redirect mode. Same behavior as 0 until we know the user has the app installed through Branch persona data. In that case, force URI schemes to open the app.

2 - Forceful redirect mode. Always try to force open the app, even if it risks showing an error message when the app is not installed.


托管自己的 OG 标签

如果您想要在其他地方使用托管的 OG 标签,请在创建链接时将这些参数留空并指定 $desktop_url 控制参数。 Branch 将使用指定 URL 中的 OG 标签执行一次性抓取以填充 Deepview。

如果您通过附加查询参数创建链接,只需将参数附加到 URL。请确保对所有内容进行 URL 编码,以免链接断开。


When you create links via a mobile SDK, you simply need to set the OG tag parameters..

BranchUniversalObject *branchUniversalObject = [[BranchUniversalObject alloc] initWithCanonicalIdentifier:@"item/12345"];
// Facebook OG tags -- this will overwrite any defaults you set up on the Branch Dashboard
branchUniversalObject.title = @"My Content Title";
branchUniversalObject.contentDescription = @"My Content Description";
branchUniversalObject.imageUrl = @"";

// Add any additional custom OG tags here
[branchUniversalObject addMetadataKey:@"$og_video" value:@"http://mysite/video.mpg"];
let branchUniversalObject: BranchUniversalObject = BranchUniversalObject(canonicalIdentifier: "item/12345")
// Facebook OG tags -- this will overwrite any defaults you set up on the Branch Dashboard
branchUniversalObject.title = "My Content Title"
branchUniversalObject.contentDescription = "My Content Description"
branchUniversalObject.imageUrl = ""

// Add any additional custom OG tags here
branchUniversalObject.addMetadataKey("$og_video", value: "http://mysite/video.mpg")
BranchUniversalObject branchUniversalObject = new BranchUniversalObject()
 // Facebook OG tags -- This will overwrite any defaults you have set on the Branch Dashboard
                 .setTitle("My Content Title")
                 .setContentDescription("My Content Description")

 // Add any additional custom OG tags here
                 .setContentMetadata(new ContentMetadata().addCustomMetadata("$og_video", "http://mysite/video.mpg"));

Note: The Deep Link section accepts most link control parameters, but $og_title$og_description and $og_image_url cannot be specified there.

启用每个链接的 Deepview

If you don't want to enable Deepviews globally, you can do it for each platform on a per-link basis by inserting custom link control parameters link control parameters.

通过附加查询参数来启用桌面 Deepview:


Enable iOS and Android Deepviews through the SDK.

BranchLinkProperties *linkProperties = [[BranchLinkProperties alloc] init];
 linkProperties.feature = @"sharing"; = @"facebook";
 [linkProperties addControlParam:@"$ios_deepview" withValue:@"default_template"];
 [linkProperties addControlParam:@"$android_deepview" withValue:@"default_template"];
let linkProperties: BranchLinkProperties = BranchLinkProperties()
 linkProperties.feature = "sharing" = "facebook"
 linkProperties.addControlParam("$ios_deepview", withValue: "default_template")
 linkProperties.addControlParam("$android_deepview", withValue: "default_template")
LinkProperties linkProperties = new LinkProperties()
               .addControlParameter("$ios_deepview", "default_template")
               .addControlParameter("$android_deepview", "default_template");

禁用每个链接的 Deepview

If you've enabled Deepviews globally, it's likely that you'll want to disable them now and again for specific use cases. To do so, just follow the instructions for enabling Deepviews for one link and set one or more of the key values to false








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