Universal Email 验证错误/警告是什么意思,我该如何解决?


  1. 未集成 iOS SDK :未将 Branch SDK 集成到 iOS 应用中时,则会抛出此错误。
    修复:您需要将 iOS SDK 设置为我们的官方文档。
  2. iOS SDK 已集成,但不是最新版本。这可能会影响电子邮件功能。 :当 iOS 上的 Branch SDK 版本低于最新版本时,则会抛出此警告。
    修复:更新 Branch iOS SDK
  3. 未集成 Android SDK :如果 Branch SDK 未集成到Android 应用中,则会抛出此错误。
    修复:您需要将 Android SDK 设置为我们的官方文档。
  4. Android SDK 已集成,但不是最新版本。这可能会影响电子邮件功能。当 Android 上的 Branch SDK 版本低于最新版本时,会抛出此警告。
    修复:更新 Branch Android SDK
  5. Deep linking is not set up for email: The following are all the possible settings you can configure for deep linking with email. To understand each of the settings you can read our documentation here.
  6. Click tracking domain is not set: For Branch links to be generated, you would need to provide the domain of the link that would be used in the email template. To understand how to find your ESP's click tracking domain, you can read our documentation here.
  7. AASA is invalid: If you have not set up the Universal Links in the app, you'll get this error. This is mandatory for Deep Linked Emails to work on iOS.
    Fix: You can setup Universal Link by following our documentation here.
  8. CNAME points to thirdparty.bnc.lt: For Branch to host your AASA file and generate SSL certificates on the link domain for the email, you are required to CNAME the domain to thirdparty.bnc.lt. Before making this change, please make sure your setup requires this as some ESP have an option to upload the AASA at their end. Please verify this step in the documentation for your ESP here.
  9. 未正确设置 SSL:按照步骤6在 Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard) 和 CNAME 上设置电子邮件域之后,我们会提供 SSL 证书,以通过 HTTPS 托管您的 AASA 文件。如果您发现未颁发 SSL 证书,请联系[电子邮件 受保护] 。仅当错误8对您的 ESP 有效时才需要执行此步骤。
  10. Deep link data is hosted on your website: We recommend using the Hosted Meta Data on the web pages for deep linking. This helps in auto-generating the link data for emails in the Branch links. To learn about hosting metadata for Branch, you can follow our documentation here.
  11. 追踪收入或者自定义事件:这是推荐的应用内设置,用于追踪收入和自定义事件,这些事件可归因于电子邮件中生成的 Branch Link。
  12. 未配置 Universal/App Link:我们强烈建议设置 iOS Universal Link 和 Android App Link,以直接从电子邮件中启动应用。