Branch 客户需要采取哪些行动来为 iOS 14 做好准备?

建议您确认已采取以下三项措施来完成 iOS 14 更新:

  1. Ensure SKAdNetwork (SKAN) implementation. SKAdNetwork is Apple's attribution framework, facilitating ad measurement without device-level data. SKAdNetwork integration instructions are available here.
  2. Decide whether to show the App Tracking Transparency prompt, and integrate it if you decide to do so. If you want to continue receiving device-level ad attribution data, your users will need to opt in via the new ATT permissions prompt. Technical implementation steps are available here. We have also published a blog post with implementation best practices to optimize your opt-in rate.
  3. 与您的广告平台互动,以测试基于 SKAN 的归因。我们建议与您的平台合作伙伴联系,讨论任何活动配置更新。若要查看已完成 SKAN 设置的广告平台的列表,请点击此处

For more information, please check out these additional resources:


Branch 客户需要采取哪些行动来为 iOS 14 做好准备?

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