Facebook 安装,打开和转化事件的差异

1. 我在 Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard)没有看到任何安装、重新安装或打开的信息

首先,请确保您已设置好 Facebook 集成!完成[这些步骤](/using-branch/docs/facebook-app-install-ads#section-enable-facebook-as-an-ad-partner-for-measurement wind),并确保您到达底部。您应该至少启用一个广告帐户,并列出一个 Facebook 应用 ID。


Third, on the Facebook Dashboard, locate a campaign with installs, reinstalls, or opens. Determine the ad account id for which you are running an app campaign. Then navigate to the Facebook page under Partner Management and make sure that ad account id is listed as part of the completed signup process. It should appear here (two ad accounts are shown as enabled in the screenshot, though the ad account ids are blurred out):


Fourth, make sure you have installs, reinstalls, or opens that have occurred after you enabled the Branch + Facebook integration. We cannot pull historical device-level data, as that's not how the Facebook APIs are architected. You should enable Branch + Facebook, wait for new installs to occur, then check the Ads Analytics page.

2. 我在 Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard) 上看到了安装、重新安装或打开的消息,但数字看起来与在 Facebook 操作后台 (Dashboard)上看到的有所不同。

如果您已经做到了这一点,那么 Branch + Facebook 之间的集成至少可以正常工作!是时候确定为什么数字存在差异了。

Try comparing (1) just installs, and (2) just for one campaign. On the Branch Ads Analytics page, you can view data for just one campaign by choosing "Add Filter", selecting "campaign" from the first dropdown, and the individual campaign name from the second dropdown. Again, try to get numbers to line up between Facebook and Branch just for installs on one campaign.

First, make sure the attribution windows line up between Facebook and Branch. You can read more on this above.

Second, make sure the timezones line up between Facebook and Branch. You can read more on this above.

请注意,归因窗口不适用于过去发生的事件。因此,如果您在 Branch 上有一个30天的点击安装归因窗口,在 Facebook 上有一个7天的点击访问窗口,则将 Branch 的点击安装归因窗口更改为7天后,它将不会自动更新历史数字。相反,您将需要在更严格的7天 Branch 点击安装归因窗口内等待新安装。第二天,您应该可以回来查看当天的安装数量,并且它们的排列应更加紧密。


使用相同名称的 Campaign

In some rare cases, we've seen partners running multiple Facebook campaigns with the same name. In this case, the Branch Dashboard will combine stats for all of these campaigns under the same name. We still retain this data separately on our backend, as there are different Facebook campaign ids. While we do not expose this on the Branch Dashboard, you can pull statistics by campaign id via the Query API.

3. 我在 Branch 操作后台 (Dashboard)上看不到任何转化事件

Be sure you are tracking v2/events - learn more from our v2/event docs.

Be sure you are opting to send conversion events to Facebook - learn more from the section Facebook MMP event options above.

来自 Facebook 广告的用户可能不全完成转化事件。例如,如果您只有一小部分用户完成购买,并且只有一小部分用户从 Facebook 下载您的应用,则进行购买的用户和来自 Facebook 的用户之间可能没有重叠。

4. 我在 Branch Dashboard (操作后台)上看到了转化事件,但是数字看起来与在 Facebook Dashboard(操作后台)上看到的有所不同。

We have not encountered any issues here so far. Please see I see installs, reinstalls or opens on the Branch Dashboard, but the numbers look different from what I see on the Facebook Dashboard for steps to follow, and for information to send to us if we need to debug together.

No IP Allowlists

Because Branch has a large distribution of API servers that will be making requests to Facebook on behalf of your app, you cannot have an IP allowlist in your Facebook advanced settings and still have this integration work. Please remove any IPs from this setting if they are present.