Android 应用无法打开问题排查指南

Android 应用的打开通过以下3个组件进行配置:

  1. Branch Link
  2. 应用的 Android Manifest(清单)文件
  3. 在操作后台 (Dashboard)->链接设置-> Android 重定向页面的 App Link 设置

Step 1: Follow the Android SDK Guide

确保您已按照我们的文档设置了 Android SDK。请按照以下步骤进行问题排查:

  1. 在操作后台 (Dashboard)->链接设置-> Android 重定向填写 Android 应用的包名和 URL。
  2. 在 Launcher Activity 的 Intent-Filter 中添加 Branch Link。
  3. You can copy the exact same code and replace the xxxx with your Branch link domain. If you do not what your domain is, please refer to Step 2.

步骤2:Branch Key 验证

您是否是使用与操作后台 (Dashboard) 上列出的相同 Branch key 创建的链接进行测试?
如果是这样,您应该使用在测试操作后台 (Dashboard) 创建的链接进行测试,反之亦然。如果要使用 live key 初始化 Branch,您应该测试 live 操作后台 (Dashboard) 创建的链接。默认情况下,实时链接具有 子域,而测试链接具有 子域。如果您注册了自定义域,请确保使用包含自定义域的链接进行测试。



  1. The package name on the Manifest file matches exactly with what is configured on the Configuration -> General page.
  2. 有一个带有 intent filter 的 Activity,该 filter scheme 与操作后台 (Dashboard)-> 配置->常规->Android-> URI Scheme 的 URI scheme 设置完全相同。这通常是应用的 splash activity。
  3. The URI scheme host in the Manifest file matches the Branch link. We recommend "host=open", but if you have $deeplink_path with something other than "open," the link will fail to open the app.


Clicking the Branch link from different apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can produce different redirection behaviors. Please make sure you go through the expected behaviors of the various known platforms as mentioned in our documentation.

第5步:高级 Branch Link 验证


If you are using the $android_deeplink_path Branch link property, instead of using the custom key-value Branch link property, you would need to make sure you have set the URI scheme path in the Manifest file to handle that incoming URI scheme. Branch will append the value in $android_deeplink_path to your app's URI scheme so ensure that there is a corresponding intent filter.