macOS 测试


  • Create a deep link from the Branch Dashboard  
  • 从 Xcode 运行您的 macOS 应用
  • 通过测试链接创建一个测试网页。
<a href="https://yourdeeplink">link<a>
  • 在任何浏览器中打开此测试网页,然后点击测试链接。
  • 允许浏览器打开您的应用 。权限对话框因浏览器而异。
  • 删除您的调试应用。

You can locate your debug app in Xcode under Products and Show in Finder


启用 Logging

  • 在。。。之前添加 Branch.sharedInstance.start(with: config)
  • 在发布到生产环境之前将其删除
Branch.loggingIsEnabled = true
Branch.loggingEnabled = YES;

使用 Test Key

To use the Branch test key instead of the live key, initialize the BranchConfiguration with the test key

  • The test key of the app must match the test key of your deep link
  • Switch back to the live key before releasing to production
BranchConfiguration *configuration = [[BranchConfiguration alloc] initWithKey:@"key_test"];
let config = BranchConfiguration(key: "key_test")