Adobe Launch Web Plugin

将 Branch 添加到 Launch Property 将使您能够使用 Web SDK 中的核心功能轻松地将 Web 流量转化为移动流量。


If these steps have not been completed, please refer to Adobe Launch’s documentation. For Branch integration issues, please reach out to [email protected]

安装 Branch 插件

要在启动属性中安装 Branch 插件,请执行以下操作:

  1. 登录以启动
  2. 从您希望将插件安装到的 Property 中前往 Extensions 选项卡。
  3. 在 Extensions 选项卡上,点击目录并搜索 Branch
  4. 按下安装键
  5. 在安装阶段,系统会要求您输入 Branch Key
  6. 登录,点击 Account Settings,再点击 App,然后将您的 Branch Key 复制到文本字段中。
  7. 点击保存键
  8. 现在,当在您的启动属性上初始化 Branch 插件时,它将与您的 Branch 应用绑定。

初始化 Branch

Before using actions related to Branch, you’ll need to initialize the plugin on your site. Best practice is to initialize Branch on DOM Ready. Here’s an example that uses the Core plugin’s DOM Ready event to initialize Branch.




The Branch initialization action does not have a configuration screen. When you add it to a rule, you’ll want to select the following options:


Extension: Branch Experiences and Measurement

Action Type: Initialize Branch


向您的移动网站上的用户显示 Journey (站到端引流)

Branch 提供了开箱即用的支持,可在您的网站上显示移动广告横幅/Journey (站到端引流)。在初始化过程中,Branch 将触发一个事件,以确定页面是否有资格显示 Journey (站到端引流)。如果符合条件,则该页面上的用户将看到它。

There are myriad of ways that your Journey banners can be configured. To set one up, follow this guide.

在 Branch 的操作后台 (Dashboard)中设置 Journey (站到端引流)并且已将 Branch 配置为通过 Adobe Launch 中的规则进行初始化之后,Journey 引流广告条应出现在移动网站的各个页面上(取决于您如何设置 Journey (站到端引流) 的 Audience Rules)。此外,您的用户之一点击 CTA 键(屏幕截图中的 “GET”)会将用户带到 App/Play Store 下载该应用。如果已安装该应用,则他们将获得深度链接。


To have Branch automatically Deep Link users to your mobile app when installed, use the Auto-Open Native App action. It is advisable to chain this action to the action that initializes Branch because you’ll want to transport users into the app immediately when installed. The UX for a user that has your app installed, will include a prompt to open your app. Upon acknowledgement, they will get transported into it and data configured within the action’s view will be passed into it. Conversely, if a user does not have the app installed, the user will remain on mobile web.




Deep Link Data, Tags, Campaign and Channel can be sourced from Data Elements. Simply use %<Data_Element_Name>% notation.


If you’ve got Desktop users signing up on your website and would like to push them to your mobile app, you can use the SMS Link to Download App action. This action has a view similar to the one above but with an additional piece - a user’s phone number. One should use Data Elements to supply the phone number.

触发此操作后,系统会向用户发送一条短信,其中包含下载您的应用的链接。点击未安装的应用的链接会将用户带到 App/Play Store 进行下载。进入应用后,动作视图中的数据将被传送到其中。





Deep Link Data, Tags, Campaign and Channel can also be sourced from Data Elements. Simply use %<Data_Element_Name>% notation.


如果您想在 Branch 中追踪事件,则可以通过跟踪事件操作来追踪。通过此操作,您将能够追踪 commerce events(购买,添加到购物车等),content events(搜索,查看内容项等),user lifecycle 事件(完整注册,解锁成就等),其他自定义事件。视图配置简单明了,如下所示:





This validation is for static/hard coded values only and not for Data Elements.