Dashboard Analytics Time Zone

The dashboard's time zone ensures that data in the Branch dashboard is always presented consistently, no matter where in the world you may be when viewing your data. International teams can settle upon a fixed time zone and see Branch data in that time zone.

The time zone setting also allows you to import data from third parties, like Facebook and Google, and ensure that Branch data matches up with external sources.

Setting or changing time zone

The time zone can be set in Account Settings.

  • Select your time zone from the dropdown
  • Scroll down until you see the Save Settings button. Click Save Settings to save your time zone.

Changing Time Zone

Branch allows you to change your time zone. Changing your time zone will take effect after a page refresh, and will set your dashboard to use your new time zone. However we do not recommend changing time zone unless you have to, as it can cause discrepancies between previously exported data and the data in your dashboard. In the future, changing time zone may not be possible as we may store data in your specified time zone.

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