Test SKAdNetwork Integration


To ensure you've correctly setup the SKAdNetwork integration, we recommend completing the following:

  • Confirm Ad Partner Support
  • Test SDK Conversion Values
  • Test Apple Postbacks

Confirm Ad Partner Support

  1. Ad network supports SKAdNetwork.
  2. Campaign types within that ad network are supported by SKAN
  3. Ad Partner has integration with Branch to forward Apple postbacks to Branch endpoint (otherwise Branch will not receive/display SKAdNetwork data)
  4. Use of tracking links in SKAN Campaigns.
    • Note: SKAN does not require tracking links. However, this will be needed to get engagement data (clicks/impressions) + run predictive modeling on those campaigns.

Test SDK Conversion Values

By completing the following steps, you can verify whether the conversion values you've provided in the Branch dashboard have been correctly set and the SDK is receiving them.

  1. Download a proxy tool such as Charles
    • Charles proxy provides both a desktop and mobile app version. While both work, we recommend the mobile app version due to ease of use.
  2. Enable SSL monitoring; this is dependent upon the proxy tool you choose to use.
    • For example, if you use Charles proxy, you need to follow their documentation to enable SSL monitoring.
  3. Open the application and trigger events tied to conversion values.
    • For Installs: Look for invoke_register_app
    • For Downstream Events (must be tied to a conversion value): Look for update_conversion_value
  "session_id" : "850166709486919576",
  "data" : "{\"+clicked_branch_link\":false,\"+is_first_session\":false}",
  "device_fingerprint_id" : "847563926187298061",
  "identity_id" : "850166709481620778",
  "invoke_register_app" : true,
  "link" : "https:\/\/3mnv.app.link?%24identity_id=850166709481620778"
  "branch_view_enabled" : false,
  "update_conversion_value" : 42

Test Apple Postbacks

By completing the following steps, you can verify whether events are properly being attributed.

NOTE: SKAdNetwork does not attribute conversions in real-time. When the app is installed, a 24 hour rolling timer begins and only when that timer expires, can the install then be attributed after an additional 0-24 hours. Every time an additional conversion is reported with a conversion value greater than the previous value, the 24 hour rolling timer is reset and the install does not get attributed until that 24 hour timer is allowed to expire. Apple offers a developer profile , that can reduce the timers for testing from 24 hours to 5 minutes.

  1. Set up test campaign with the participating ad network. Please note that your app will need to be in production and not in Testflight or any other testing platform.
  2. (Recommended) Download an Apple SKAdNework Testing Profile to decrease the time in which the postback is sent from a test device from 24 hours to 5-10 minutes.
    a. See Apple docs here for instructions.
  3. Check the SKAdNetwork Analytics dashboard in Branch to see SKAdNetwork data
    a. To see data from a particular ad network navigate to the “Ad Networks” tab in the SKAdNetwork dashboard, and filter by the ad partner you were testing with.

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