Agency/Partner Invitation Process

Invite Required

For any Agency/Partner to access a customer Branch account, an invitation from an Admin user at the Organization or App entity level of access is required. All Agency/Partner Admins on the account will receive an invitation email, and any of those Agency/Partner Admins can accept the invitation on behalf of their agency/partner.

Agencies vs. Partners

While the function of an agency is different than that of an ad partner, the way in which these two entities access Branch app data is the same. When granting either of these entities access, the term Agency will alway be used; even when granting an Ad Partner access.

If you are a Branch client wishing to invite your Agency and/or Ad Partner to access your app data, please see Granting Access to Agencies & Partners.

How to Accept an Invite

Once a Branch client has invited you to access their Branch app data, an email is sent from Branch that includes an invitation link Join the Team.


New User

If you've not used the Branch dashboard before, you will be prompted to Reset Your Password before being automatically logged into the dashboard.

Existing User

If you've used the Branch dashboard before - and therefore already have a password - you will be prompted to log in using your existing credentials.

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Agency/Partner Invitation Process

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