Send data to Adjust to maximize your understanding of your mobile acquisition efforts, while deep linking your users through Branch.

What events does Branch send to Adjust?

The integration automatically sends Branch link clicks to Adjust, specifically we send:

  • All Android clicks
  • iOS Universal Link clicks

This means that for iOS install campaigns (which doesn't use Universal Links), you must use Adjust as your fallback URL.

What data can I expect to see in Adjust?

Once you enable an integration with Adjust, we'll automatically send all eligible clicks to Adjust's servers. From there, you'll see how many users came from Branch, along with installs, opens and downstream events attributed back to the Branch link. This will give you automatic segmentation and cohorting for users acquired via Branch links.

We'll pass along all of the Branch link's analytics data, which will map to labels inside Adjust. Check the "Advanced" section to see all of the labels.



  • This guide requires you to have integrated the Branch SDK in your mobile apps.
  • This guide requires an account with Adjust and the Adjust SDK (iOS, Android) installed in your app.

Get credentials from your Adjust account

To set up the integration, you will need to navigate to your Adjust dashboard, and create a new tracking link for your mobile app. Start by selecting 'Settings' of your mobile app.


From there, you will need to create a new tracker, which is found under Data Management > Trackers > Click Trackers, and "Create a new tracker" below. Be sure to call it "Branch." Once created, grab the 6 digit value after the app.adjust.com portion. This is your tracker.


Enable the Adjust card in your Branch dashboard

  1. On the Branch Dashboard (dashboard.branch.io), navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Locate Adjust and choose Enable.
    • If you have not yet entered billing information, please do so now.
  3. Enter your tracker for iOS and Android.
  4. Hit Save.


Add Adjust tracking link to your Branch Settings

If you'd like to track iOS installs from Branch links in Adjust, you'll need to create an Adjust tracking link and put in your Branch settings page.

You need to point the iOS Custom Redirect to Adjust. Take the tracker you just created in Adjust and set the Custom Redirects of your Branch Settings as follows. This means that Branch will fall back to the App Store via Adjust when your user doesn't have the app and isn't going to mobile web. Remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Link Settings page.



What Branch sends to Adjust

By default, Branch sends the following parameters to Adjust as part of the integration.

Branch Analytics Tag Adjust Data Tag
Campaign campaign
Channel adgroup
Feature creative
Branch Click ID external_click_id

Advanced network segmentation with Adjust

By default, installs and events via Branch links will be attributed to Branch via your default tracker. If you'd like to use Branch links on your paid ad networks for deep linking, but you'd like more granular network attribution, you can create a new tracker in Adjust then use the tracker id in your Branch link. This will override the default Branch attribution.

  1. Name your Adjust tracker something like "TapjoyBranch"
  2. Take the 6 letter identifier for your tracker and put it as a key value pair with key tracker_id in your deep link data for that specific link.


Platform-specific Tracker IDs

If you have different Tracker IDs for your Android and iOS apps, you can specify these by using the following keys:

  • android_tracker_id
  • ios_tracker_id

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