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Update to Reporting on Cost/Spend Data

Reporting on cost/spend data is important for measuring performance. We have launched two improvements aimed at making cost data reporting more intuitive and understandable :heavy-dollar-sign:


Improvements have been made to Universal Ads Analytics related to cost/spend data. Previously, for cases where ad networks have multiple disparate media structure types, Branch pulled the Cost/Click/Impression data separately, and that data cannot be combined in reporting. This led to a misalignment of the totals shown in metric columns.

Data Selection and Defaults

In cases where there are multiple data sources for Cost/Click/Impression data from an ad network, Branch will select the appropriate data source for the report based on which dimensions are added. Branch will intelligently select a "default" data source if there is a conflict or clash between dimensions. This results in a more consistent experience when generating reports.

New UI Components

During report creation in the Events Table and when dimensions have been selected from one data source, Branch dynamically adds new icon tooltips that will indicate a warning about incompatible dimensions.


Ready to learn more about your ads analytics? Visit our guide on Universal Ads Analytics here:


Which dimensions are compatible with which Ad Networks?

A helpful table has been created to show which dimensions are compatible with which ad networks here.

What happens if dimensions across two data sources are added to a report?

To preserve logical totals, Branch will only ever use one data source at a time. Dimensions from the unused data source will have Cost/Click/Impression values of 0.

Is this a common occurrence?

Ad networks offering incompatible dimensions are the exception, not the rule. Examples:

  • Apple Search Ad - Keyword vs Display Ad
  • Facebook/Meta - Secondary Publisher vs Geo