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Update in Cohort Analytics

Cohort analysis is a powerful tool that helps you understand the full ROI of your campaigns but also helps you guide future investment decisions and consumer targeting. We've made awesome improvements in Cohort Analytics 📈


Cohorts Analytics has been updated with improved speed and reliability. Through several back-end updates, Branch optimized the architecture for organizing data, leading to better performance on the Dashboard for your reports.

Data Source & Calculation

For Re-engagement Cohort, the underlying data source has been changed to provide a more accurate count of users included in the report.

Additionally, ROAS (return on ad spend) calculations have been improved to report more accurate values for Weekly and Monthly levels. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly values are now calculated individually.

UI Update

The user interface has also been updated! Along with some minor visual artifact fixes, the updated Cohort Analytics aligns with our modern standard.

Sample Screenshot


Ready to get new cohort reports? Visit our guide on Cohort Analytics here: