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Snap Log-Level Reporting

Snap has introduced upcoming restrictions for User-Level Raw Data Exports (‘Log-Level Restrictions’) that will impact all third party MMP platforms that work with Snap 👻 Branch customers will experience the effects of this change starting January 3rd, 2024.


With this change, Snap is requiring log-level data to be scrubbed. There will be restrictions to log-level view-through conversion data, limiting certain fields such as campaign-level data and timestamps. This impacts the following Branch products:

  • The Daily Exports, Custom Exports, and Scheduled Log Exports APIs
  • Third-party Data Integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Ad Partner Postbacks

Advertisers can still see Snap as a media source for view-through conversions; however, campaign-level breakdowns will be unavailable for raw data exports. Campaign-level aggregate data will continue to be provided through the Branch Dashboard, aggregate-level APIs, and through Snap's own reporting interfaces/APIs.

De-identifying Data

For attribution reports that include view-through engagement, Branch will make the following adjustments to de-identify such data:

  • The Media Source (PID) will be Snapchat, and will not otherwise be obfuscated or restricted.
  • Snap campaign information will be removed, specifically:
    • Ad Account ID
    • Campaign ID
    • Ad Squad ID
    • Ad ID (and associated names)
  • Attributed touch time will be reported as date only (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Deep link URI information will be removed

Restricted Parameters

Snap ParameterBranch Parameter
deep_link_urlexternal_intent_uri, universal_link_url, android_app_link_url


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