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Default Journeys Templates Now WCAG-Compliant

Branch is happy to announce that default templates for Journeys banners are now compliant with WCAG standards! Specifically, the new templates adhere to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines ✅

These guidelines help make content more accessible to individuals with a wide range of disabilities, contributing to a more inclusive Web for everyone. Furthermore, accessible websites often drive better user satisfaction, search engine optimization (SEO), and wider reach.

For this upgrade, the Branch team added over 50 visual and cognitive-related improvements to Journeys creatives within the HTML. This includes everything from alt tags and headings to contrasting colors and focus.


To get started, simply navigate to Journeys Creatives in your Branch Dashboard and change your creatives to the newly updated default templates.

If you aren’t already using Journeys, this is your chance to start increasing engagement, conversions, and LTV with a seamless pathway between your mobile website and app! Learn more on the Journeys Overview page.