SKAdNetwork - Ad Network Spec


Branch is actively working on a SKAdNetwork solution for our mutual advertisers. The goal is to have ad networks forward Apple postbacks to Branch via an endpoint. Branch will then validate the postbacks using the Apple-provided cryptographic signature and aggregate the data on the dashboard.


  1. Send Apple SKAdNetwork postbacks to our Branch endpoint: curl -X POST
  2. Send the following SKAdNetwork data:
    a. Required Send Apple postback as originally received from Apple, sample:
  "version": "2.0",
  "ad-network-id": "com.example",
  "campaign-id": 42,
  "transaction-id": "6aafb7a5-0170-41b5-bbe4-fe71dedf1e28",
  "app-id": 525463029,
  "attribution-signature": "MDYCGQCsQ4y8d4BlYU9b8Qb9BPWPi+ixk/OiRysCGQDZZ8fpJnuqs9my8iSQVbJO/oU1AXUROYU=",
  "redownload": True/False,
  "source-app-id": 1234567891,
  "fidelity-type": 1,
  "conversion-value": 20
  1. Optional: Include the following additional data along with the above
    a. partner-campaign-name - Name of campaign name corresponding to campaign ID (String)
    b. partner-campaign-id - ID of campaign name corresponding to campaign ID (String)
    c. partner-ad-set-id - (String)
    d. partner-ad-set-name - (String)
    e. partner-ad-id - (String)
    f. partner-ad-name - (String)
    g. partner-creative-id - (String)
    h. partner-creative-name - (String)
    i. test - Send as true if sending a ping for testing purposes (Boolean)
    j. ip-address - IP address of device the postback is received from (String)
    k. user-agent - UA of device the postback is received from (String)

  2. Please provide Branch your Apple issued Ad Network ID
    a. This can be emailed to your BD Tech at Branch [email protected]


The Ad network’s responsibilities are to:

The Publisher app’s responsibilities are to:

The test app’s responsibilities (implemented in Branch test app) are to:


Download a Testing Profile
To reduce the time window for receiving ad attribution postbacks during testing, install the SKAdNetwork profile on your test device. Downloading the profile requires you to log in to your Apple Developer account.

With this profile, the installed app has 5 minutes to update the conversion value after initially registering. The device sends the postback within another 5 minutes after the rolling 5-minute timer for conversion updates expires. Using this profile reduces the conversion value update and postback window from 24-48 hours, to 5-10 minutes.

This profile expires in two weeks. To continue testing, reinstall the profile.

Generate test events

  • Install Branch Monster Factory App from the AppStore via a test Publisher app.
  • Open it to generate Install (first open) or Open events (any following open)
  • Create a Monster and Click Share, Copy link to generate a Purchase event

Conversion Value Mapping Sharing

Branch has the ability to share mutual customers' conversion value mapping for those using the Branch SDK through two different methods:

  1. Conversion Value API endpoint
  2. Ad network postbacks

Please reach out to your BD contact to get either of these methods set up.

Additional Info

Apple: SKAdNetwork
Branch: SKAdNetwork Mobile Integration
Branch Test App: Branch Monster Factory