Branch Certified Partner Program


All Branch partners must meet stringent technical criteria, including performing end-to-end testing and following campaign best practices such as keeping data discrepancies to under 10%.

To become Certified by Branch, all partners must meet far higher technical requirements, including passing secondary publisher data, as well as sending campaign, ad name, and device ID. In addition, all certified partners agree to SLAs for resolving issues with campaigns and have at least 5 active clients who also use Branch for attribution.

Moreover, all Certified Partners have agreed to collaborate with Branch on its ongoing efforts to fight mobile ad fraud by agreeing to common definitions for what constitutes fraud and sending secondary publisher and device ID for in-app traffic.

Over time, the technical requirements for Certified Partners will continue to rise as new types of fraud arise, and as marketers demand greater transparency for their campaigns.

Branch Certified Program Levels

  • Branch Verified Partner - BVP (Basic Tech verification)
    • Every partner must comply with BVP requirements
  • Branch Certified Partner - BCP ( BVP + Advanced Tech + Business requirements)
    • Partners who have increased business volume and comply with Advanced tech requirements

Verified Partner Technical Requirements

  • Follow Branch Partner Best Practices
  • Pass campaign data
    • Campaign & Channel level
    • Ad Set and Ad level data (sub publisher, sub site, sub campaign, sub ad data)
    • Device ID’s (IDFA/AAID)
    • Campaign ID if available.
  • Fill out Partner profile form and update/verify it annually

Certified Partner Technical Requirements

Verified Partner technical requirements plus the following:

  • Minimum of 5 mobile app campaigns per month, on a rolling 6 month average working with Branch
  • Commitment from partners to an 8 hour SLA to resolve integration issues, and a 24 hour SLA to address discrepancies.
  • Use Branch metrics as system of record, or have less than 10% discrepancy between reported and claimed installs
  • Receive a recommendation from at least 3 clients
  • These trainings still need to be developed. Until they are we can require that partner support and sales teams receive training from Branch. An advanced requirement is that partners have the Branch SDK in their test app, and have their own dashboard.
  • Provide ad spend data via API
  • Commitment to low rates (<10%) of app install fraud. I think this should take the form of a Branch-led coalition of ad partner committed to low fraud levels. To be a Tier 2 level a partner has to sign on to this effort.
  • Support or promote Branch links by ensuring systems comply with Branch link redirection, including parameter pass-through and written support docs.
  • Prepare 1 pager with a mutual value proposition
  • Publish integration guide (at least a link to Branch docs)