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Unlock the most accurate data available and best-in-class reporting for your campaigns with the Branch and TikTok For Business integration.



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Different Integrations

Branch has two module integrations with TikTok For Business: one works with TikTok using trackers to capture attribution information, and the other works with TikTok as a self-attributing network (SAN). This article is about setting up the SAN integration, which is currently in Beta.
Inform your TikTok representative when you activate the SAN integration in Branch.

IMPORTANT: During the transition to the SAN integration, do not deactivate the non-SAN module

Brand new features are emerging in the industry, and TikTok For Business can now support attribution standards via an API endpoint. As a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), Branch can connect with TikTok For Business through a back-end connection through set endpoints. By combining TikTok's self-attribution network (SAN) data with Branch's exclusive cross-channel Link Graph, you will uncover the true drivers of user activity across every ad network and channel. Additionally, you'll be able to compare your campaign performance directly on the Branch Dashboard.

Note: The legacy non-SAN integration will still be functional until all apps can transition to the new SAN integration.

작동 방식

  1. Branch connects with TikTok For Business through an MMP API Endpoint through account authentication in the Branch Dashboard.
  2. Events are configured to send from Branch to TikTok For Business.
  3. Once campaigns are launched, users see an ad to download your app through the different placements run by TikTok For Business.
  4. User installs the app and performs in-app events (ex. PURCHASE)
    • The Branch SDK captures the app install and downstream events.
  5. Branch communicates with TikTok For Business through the MMP API Endpoint and sends TikTok For Business data about the conversion.
  6. TikTok For Business claims conversions by sending the click/impression campaign data that sourced it to Branch.
  7. The Branch Dashboard will update reports for you to be able to compare and measure ad campaigns across placements, ad type, etc.

TikTok For Business Campaign Support

Supported Placements



News Feed App Series




Data Sharing


Data Purge & Sharing

  • Branch will purge the last-attributed data fields after 60 days
  • TikTok For Business data is not shared with third parties
    • Data/analytics partners integrated with Branch will not receive TikTok For Business data (both click and view data)

Branch keeps all of the event data that was sent from TikTok For Business on the event, such as mobile device ID. Branch wipes all data that we would not have without TikTok For Business sharing, such as campaign info.

View-Through Data

You may access some view-through attributed conversion data through Branch's Custom Exports API and Webhooks using the following fields:

EO Field





When conversions are attributed to TikTok ad campaigns, you exports/webhooks will populate the following fields:


Ad Partner Name

TikTok For Business

Ad Partner $3p



TikTok For Business

Attribution Touch Type


Attribution Touch Timestamp

Unix Timestamp only day, month, and year.
Hour, minute, and second are removed.

Note: Any other attributed touch fields will still be reported as null.

When viewing impression-attributed data and reports in the Branch Dashboard, only aggregate data is available.

iOS Attribution

광고 유형 플랫폼 흐름 설치된 앱 퍼블리셔 광고주 SKAN 가용성 다이렉트 딥링킹 디퍼드 딥링킹(Deferred Deep Linking)
옵트인 옵트아웃 광고주 옵트인 광고주 옵트아웃
TikTok 앱 인게이지먼트 앱 투 앱 아니오 옵트인 IDFA를 통한 디바이스 레벨 어트리뷰션(SAN) 어트리뷰션 없음 해당 없음
옵트아웃 어트리뷰션 없음 어트리뷰션 없음 해당 없음
TikTok 앱 인게이지먼트 옵트인 IDFA를 통한 디바이스 레벨 어트리뷰션(SAN) 어트리뷰션 없음 ✔* 해당 없음 해당 없음
옵트아웃 어트리뷰션 없음 어트리뷰션 없음 ✔* 해당 없음 해당 없음

*딥링킹(Deep Linking)은 광고 유닛이 Branch Ad Link를 사용하는 것으로 가정합니다.

iOS 14가 Tiktok에 미치는 영향에 대한 추가 정보는 iOS 14 FAQ를 참조하십시오.

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