SKAdNetwork Dashboard Reports

Get your SKAdNetwork data in one centralized source instead of relying on multiple ad network dashboards through the data & reporting capabilities with Branch.


SKAdNetwork (SKAN), once enabled, will give you enhanced reporting on all of your SKAN-related campaigns directly on the Branch Dashboard.

어떻게 생겼습니까?

The Branch Dashboard shows you all the information about your SKAN campaigns in its own SKAdNetwork Activity Page.


You'll be able to determine:

  • Which ad networks drove the most downloads
  • Which highest conversion events are being performed the most
    • You can identify the effectiveness of each conversion value tier as low, medium, or high (only available for SKAN 4.0)


Branch SKAN Dashboard Availability

You are only able to view SKAN Data in the Branch in the following areas of the Branch Dashboard:

  • SKAN Activity
  • SKAn Unified View

You cannot view SKAN data in other areas of the Branch Dashboard (ex. Sources) due to Apple's intentional SKAN design limitations: Apple only shares a limited amount of attribution data with advertisers and does not provide any device-level data (i.e., device ID, timestamps, geo, IP, etc.) that could be used to deduplicate against other sources that Branch tracks.

SKAN Unified View

There is also a view in the Branch Dashboard that combines both your SKAN and non-SKAN attribution data in one unified view called SKAN Unified View.


For more details, please see our full SKAN Unified View guide here.

SKAdNetwork Activity


SKAN 4.0+ Granularity

With SKAN 4.0+, additional attributed touch granularity will be available such as ad and creative. As ad networks expand their APIs to support these fields, Branch will retrieve all available data.

Different from how other Branch Dashboard reports are configurable, SKAN reports are configured mainly through setting a specific metric to compare. These metrics can be found at the top of the page underneath the Date Range section:


Selecting your preferred metric will dynamically update the report generated on this page.

Compare By Metric


애드 네트워크

Sets the Compare by parameters to:

  • date
  • ad network


Sets the Compare by parameters to:

  • date
  • ad network
  • 캠페인 ID

Source Apps

Sets the Compare by parameters to:

  • date
  • source app id

Conversion Events

Sets the Compare by parameters to:

  • date
  • conversion value


Sets the Compare by parameters to:

  • date
  • download type

Custom Report

With Custom Report, you'll be able to create your own report using your chosen compare by parameters. This is helpful for things generating customized reports to show specific data. For example,

Limit 2 additional parameters.

For more details on general Branch Dashboard Reports can be found here.





Source App ID

광고가 표시된 앱의 ID입니다.


필터링 대상에 대해 Branch가 받는 총 포스트백 수.

다운로드 = 설치 + 재설치


다시 다운로드할 때 Branch가 받는 총 포스트백 수 = false


다시 다운로드할 때 Branch가 받는 총 포스트백 수 = true

총 전환 이벤트

전환 가치가 있는 총 포스트백 수 (전환 가치가 null이 아님).

예를 들어 Branch가 전환 가치가 5인 포스트백을 10건, 전환 가치가 6인 포스트백을 7건 받는 경우 총 전환 이벤트는 17이 됩니다.

매핑된 Conversion Value

Conversion Value가 매핑되는 대상에 대한 설명입니다. 대부분의 경우 이벤트 이름이 됩니다.

Coarse Conversion Value - Low, Medium, or High

Available only for SKAN 4.0. An indicator for for the coarse conversion value if the app provides one.

캠페인 ID

SKAdNetwork ID - Apple 포스트백의 캠페인 ID

파트너 캠페인 ID

광고 파트너의 내부 캠페인 ID입니다. 광고 파트너가 Branch에 보낼 수 있는 선택 사항 필드이며 모든 캠페인/광고 파트너에 사용하지 못할 수 있습니다.

파트너 캠페인 이름

파트너 캠페인 이름입니다. 광고 파트너가 Branch에 보낼 수 있는 선택 사항 필드이며 모든 캠페인/광고 파트너에 사용하지 못할 수 있습니다.

Download Type

행이 나타내는 다운로드 유형; 이는 포스트백에서 수신된 재다운로드 값에 직접 대응됩니다. "false" 값은 데이터가 설치용임을 표시하고, "true" 값은 데이터가 재설치용임을 표시합니다.


Number of times users tapped on the SKAN campaign.


Number of times users saw the SKAN campaign.


The number of postbacks received by Apple that didn't win the final attribution but the user saw the ad. Up to five other ad networks can receive postbacks of non-winning attribution if their ad leads to an impression and is dependent on the ad partner providing that information to Branch.

For example, if the user downloads the app from an ad click on Ad Network A, but saw the ad from Ad Networks, B, C, D, E, and F, the number of assists will be 5.

Comparison Parameters



애드 네트워크

The name of the ad network running the campaign.

Ad Set ID

Ad Set ID supplied by some ad partners.

Ad Set Name

Ad set name supplied by some ad partners.

Body Version

The version of the SKAdNetwork API being used by the publisher app.

캠페인 ID

The Non-Apple Campaign ID supplied by some ad partners.

Conversion Value

Conversion value (0-63) which represents a post-install action. The highest conversion value that the end-user performed during the timer will be reflected.

Coarse Conversion Value - Low, Medium, or High

Available only for SKAN 4.0. An indicator for for the coarse conversion value if the app provides one.

Fidelity Type

If 1, this represents a Store-Kit rendered ad (App Store product page, rendered by Store Kit) If 0, this represents a "View-Through" ad (Custom, provided by ad network).

Mapped Alias

The annotated customer event alias.

매핑된 Conversion Value

Mapped value of the conversion value received.

Mapped Lower Revenue

Mapped value of the lower revenue value received.

Mapped Upper Revenue

Mapped value of the upper revenue value received.

파트너 캠페인 ID

The ID of the SKAN campaign supplied by some ad partners.

파트너 캠페인 이름

The name of the SKAN campaign supplied by some ad partners.

Source App ID

App ID of publisher app.


SKAdNetwork (SKAN) introduced a brand new type of attribution when it comes to mobile measurement. As such, there can rise many different types of issues related to integration, data, and reporting. This guide serves to help debug and troubleshoot anything SKAN-related.

Data is not Appearing in the Branch Dashboard

Because SKAdNetwork is meant to prevent the ability of any party to tie attributions back to a user, Apple only confirms conversions to advertisers after an undetermined threshold of conversions happens for the publisher & campaign ID.

SKAdNetwork does not attribute conversions in real time. When the app is installed, a 24-hour rolling timer begins, and only when that timer expires, can the install then be attributed after an additional 0-24 hours. Every time an additional conversion is reported with a conversion value greater than the previous value, the 24-hour rolling timer is reset and the install does not get attributed until that 24-hour timer is allowed to expire. Apple offers a developer profile here, that can reduce the timers for testing from 24 hours to 5 minutes.



App Clips

If your app uses App Clips, any API calls to SKAdNetwork from an app clip’s code will have no effect, return empty strings, or return values that indicate unavailability. See the disclaimer at the bottom of Apple's docs here.

Fewer conversions after updating my app for SKAdNetwork

When a conversion is reported to Apple from inside the app, it does not add that count to a running tally or immediately sends a conversion postback. It only replaces the prior reported conversion value, as long as its value is a higher priority (63 is the highest priority, 0 is the lowest).

When the app is installed, a 24-hour rolling timer begins. If no additional conversion is reported before that 24-hour rolling timer expires, only an install will be attributed to that user. Any subsequent conversions sent to Apple for that user will not be attributed.

즉, 모든 사용자에 대해 Apple은 설치 또는 재설치 및 해당 설치 세션과 관련된 최고 우선 순위 변환을 포함하는 단일 포스트 백만보고합니다.

I'm not seeing my event metadata in the Branch Dashboard

SKAdNetwork는 기존의 앱 어트리뷰션과는 다르게 작동하는데, 이는 여러분이 보는 데이터가 더 제한적이라는 것을 의미합니다.

  • Traditional attribution. Typically, when you track events via the Branch SDK, you can view contextual metadata (i.e., Geo, Revenue, timestamp) for those events in the Branch dashboard.
  • SKAdNetwork attribution. SKAdNetwork only allows a single conversion value for down-funnel reporting, and Apple intentionally designed the system to limit the contextual metadata available for that event. This means you won't see event metadata like Geo, Revenue, or timestamp for SKAdNetwork events in the Branch dashboard.

SKAN Reinstall Numbers

SKAdNetwork reports reinstalls via the redownload postback parameter, which Apple defines this way:

값이 true일 때 고객이 앱을 다시 다운로드하여 재설치했음을 표시하는 Boolean 플래그입니다.

Similar to the Redownload numbers provided by Apple Search Ads, this data is likely coming directly from Apple's internal records for that customer. That means it is different from (and more accurate than) anything a third-party like Branch could infer, even prior to iOS 14: depending on the situation, Branch would see these events as either re-opens or simple installs.