Connect Branch and Roku to unlock a more holistic picture of the customer journey for your app on OTT/CTV.



Roku Ad Manager
Roku's Self-Attributing Ad Network, provides access for its third-party Measurement Partners to request attribution for install and event attribution for clients utilizing Roku’s Endemic(i.e. streaming) Media to help drive distribution and re-engagement of their apps. Similar to other Self-Attributing Networks (SANs), Roku will be able to receive conversion events tracked via Branch SDK and use it for performance optimization, audience segmenting, and re-targeting.

Roku OneView
Roku's non Self-Attributing Ad Network(non-SAN) is for all other Roku media advertising. We have a separate guide to setup Oneview here. OneView was formerly known as DataXu before Roku purchased them in 2019 and renamed it.


Roku Data Sharing

Roku last-attributed data will be wiped at the log-level (via Custom Exports and Daily Exports) and this data will appear as null/blank in exports but you can still export it via aggregated data (Aggregate API or Query API)

Feature Support




Engagement and Install Ads

Understand which ad impressions and clicks drove installs.
Attribution Match Methods:

  • Advertising ID
  • Fingerprint
  • Full IP
  • Partial IP
  • Properties


Pre-Install Tracking

Measure app installs from apps packaged with your partner platforms


Session Counts

Measure daily installs, opens, and session length


Conversion Events

Attribute subscription events, logins, views, opens, etc. back to the last ad seen or Branch Link clicked


Partner Events

Forward activity from partners directly to Branch


딥링킹(Deep Linking)

Route users directly to content in your app from the Roku Ad


App-to-App Activity

Measure user journeys to and from your various OTT apps


Supported Attribution Methods

Attribution Method

작동 방식

  1. You, as an advertiser, serve an ad for your streaming media app on a CTV platform (ex. Roku, FireTV, Samsung, etc).
  2. User downloads your streaming media app on their CTV device.
    • Your streaming media app will have the Branch SDK installed.
  3. Branch connects with the Ad Partner and attributes the install & downstream streaming media app events to them.

전제 조건

In order to enable Roku, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Created a Branch Dashboard.
  2. Enabled Universal Ads for your Branch account.
  3. Implemented the Branch SDK into your OTT/CTV app:
  4. Admin access to your Roku Account.

Roku 활성화

1. Set up Roku Exposure Pixel & Channel ID

If you have a Roku Account Manager, send a request to them to set up the Roku Exposure Pixel on all of your eligible Roku display and video media. This ensures that all impressions and clicks are properly being attributed.

They will also be able to provide you with your Channel ID from your channel's properties. (Channel ID will be used later)

If you do not have a Roku Account Manager, you need to select Branch as the approved measurement provider when are uploading a creative:


Afterward, you can locate your Channel ID by searching by channel name and it will populate including the 6-digit ID:


2. Connect Roku in Branch

In the Branch Dashboard in Ads → Partner Management page, find and search for Roku. If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.



Roku Channel ID

Obtained from your channel properties.

Attribution Mode

Choose attribution based on clicks, impressions, or considering both equally (Best Match Attribution)

  • Best Match Attribution: Find the best match treating impressions and clicks equally
  • Click-through only: Only match to clicks
  • View-through only: Only match to impressions

Match By

Attribution methods to be considered for attribution


Key/value pairs to be used for advanced attribution methods


Click Save

3. Configure Events

After authenticating your Roku account to Branch, navigate to the Events Config tab to configure your events.

It's important to add your event mappings here for Branch to properly send event metadata to Roku for attribution. You should see the events you are tracking with the Branch SDK here when you Add Event Mappings.


Events from mParticle or Segment

If you are using mParticle or Segment to track events, you can import them through Branch's integration. View the guides below to enable event importing:


More details on the Roku event mapping can be found here.

4. Configure Attribution Windows

After configuring your events, navigate to the Attribution Windows tab to set windows by attribution type.

You have full freedom to choose your attribution windows; however, it may cause discrepancies between the Branch and Roku when comparing.

Recommended Attribution Windows:

어트리뷰션 유형


click to session start

1 day

click to install

7 days

click to conversion event

1 day

impression to session start

1 day

impression to install

1 day

impression to conversion event

1 day

Roku와 Branch 간의 데이터 매핑

Branch는 Roku에서 Branch로 다음 데이터 필드를 매핑합니다.

Roku Data

Branch 데이터

가능한 값

Touch Type


클릭 또는 임프레션

캠페인 ID


The ID of your Roku Campaign

Creative ID


The ID of your Roku Creative

Line Item ID


The ID of the Roku Line Item

Content ID


The ID of the Roku Content

Placement Type


"mychannels"또는 "screensaver”



광고 임프레션 또는 클릭의 타임스탬프

Roku로 이벤트 전달

Branch SDK를 통해 이벤트 트래킹을 시작하면 이벤트를 Roku로 보내기 시작합니다. Roku에는 아래 나열된 사전 정의된 Branch 이벤트에 매핑되는 사전 정의된 이벤트가 있습니다.

Branch는 캠페인 최적화를 위해 인앱 이벤트를 Roku에 전달합니다. 또한 Branch는 Branch 대시보드에서 풍부한 분석을 위해 어트리뷰션 데이터를 받게 됩니다.

Branch 이벤트 명

Roku Event Name




Initial App Open (첫번째 앱 오픈은 Roku 설치로 매핑됨)



앱 세션 (첫 번째 앱 세션은 First App Session으로 전송되어야 함)



디바이스에서 앱 평가 기간을 시작했습니다.



제품 또는 서비스에 등록된 디바이스



디바이스의 구독 상태를 나타내는 진행중인 이벤트



alified Streaming Session”) 연속 비디오 재생 시간이 5M을 초과하는 비디오 보기(Video Views)에서 QSS를 트리거합니다. 예를 들어, 60M의 단일 비디오 뷰는 단일 QSS 이벤트를 발생시킵니다.

FQSS (커스텀 이벤트)


해당 앱의 첫 번째 QSS입니다.



Text Search Initiated

voice_search (custom event)


Voice Search Initiated



Video Playback Initiation (Request for Video Stream)



EST Transaction (Entertainment Sell Thru)-일회성 구매

first_video_view (custom event)


Video View (처음 비디오 보기는 Roku FTV에 매핑됨)



Video Metadata (etailed Content View - 네트워크, 제목, 장르, 유형, 등급 관련 콘텐츠 BOB 정보)



CSAI or SSAI In-Stream Ad Initiated