지원하는 객체 (Objects)

Liveview를 사용하여 다음 객체를 디버그할 수 있습니다.

  1. Events
  2. Webhook 레코드

Events and Webhook records allow advanced filtering on a number of dimensions, including per-event and per-device dimensions not surfaced elsewhere on the Dashboard.


1. 객체 선택

화면 상단의 탭을 사용하여 지원되는 객체 중에서 선택합니다.


2. 이벤트 유형 선택

If you are viewing Events, then be sure to choose the appropriate event type from the dropdown, e.g. commerce event.


3. 고급 필터 추가 (선택 사항)

Add advanced filters. Some of the most useful include name (e.g. PURCHASE), feature, channel, campaign, and device identifiers like IDFA.



What does it mean if the OS is "Robots" in Liveview reports?

This means that one of these conditions are true:

  1. The link clicks are not from a true iOS, Android, or other platform user agent
  2. The link clicks are from a bot like a Google scraper

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