Enable TikTok For Business

Integrate Branch in your TikTok campaigns to enable robust attribution and deep linking.



TikTok SAN with Branch is currently in beta. Please be aware that there may be unexpected bugs/behaviors until the full release. Please reach out to your Branch account manager to get access to TikTok SAN. For now, you may utilize the TikTok non-SAN integration.


By connecting Branch and TikTok For Business, the following is enabled:

  • App conversion data collected by the Branch SDK is sent to TikTok For Business for attribution through the self-attributing network (SAN) integration.
  • Read-only access to import click and impression data from TikTok For Business into your Branch account.
  • Deep link into in-app experiences (campaign specific)

전제 조건

In order to enable TikTok For Business, you need to have completed the following:

  1. Created a Branch Dashboard.
  2. Enabled Universal Ads for your Branch account.
  3. Implement the Branch SDK into your mobile app (iOS | Android)
  4. Admin access to your TikTok For Business account.
  5. Your App needs to be connected to your TikTok For Business account.

Enable TikTok For Business

1. Connect TikTok For Business in Branch

In the Branch Dashboard under AdsPartner Management, find/search for TikTok For Business SAN. If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.

Click the Log In With TikTok button and follow the prompts to authenticate your TikTok For Business account


Be sure to read and agree to the permissions requested by Branch in order to properly authenticate.


2. Input your TikTok App ID

This is a required field. In your TikTok For Business Events Manager, generate your TikTok App ID (TTAID) for your app (iOS and/or Android). You can learn more about the TikTok App ID here.


Once generated, copy/paste the respective TikTok App ID(s) into the TikTok For Business Ad Partner Settings. More than one TikTok App IDs can be added using a comma as a separator (no spaces).

Click the blue Save button to complete the authentication.


3. Configure Events

After authenticating your TikTok For Business account to Branch, navigate to the Events Config tab to configure your events.

It is important to add your event mappings here for Branch to properly send event metadata to TikTok For Business for attribution. You should see the events you are tracking with the Branch SDK here when you Add Event Mappings. Find the event you want to link and update the field with one of the predefined TikTok For Business (SAN) event names.
For more details on the TikTok For Business and Branch event and metadata mapping, see the specifications here.



Additional Event Details

  • If you plan to run TikTok SKAN Campaigns and are tracking Custom Events, make sure you map your Custom Event to TikTok's Standard Event.

Click the blue Save button to set your event mappings.

4. Configure Attribution Windows

After configuring your events, navigate to the Attribution Windows tab to set windows by attribution type.

You have full freedom to choose your attribution windows; however, it may cause discrepancies between Branch and TikTok For Business when comparing reports.

Recommended Attribution Windows:

어트리뷰션 유형


click to session start

7 days

click to install

7 days

click to conversion event

7 days

impression to session start

1 day

impression to install

1 day

impression to conversion event

1 day

5. Launch TikTok For Business Campaigns

In TikTok For Business Ads Manager, you can now launch your campaigns, and the integration will take care of measuring performance.

Please visit the TikTok For Business Help Center for details on campaign setup.

[OPTIONAL] - Use Branch Ad Link

You can use a Branch Ad Link in your TikTok For Business campaigns for deep linking.

Tiktok Ads에서 TikTok For Business Link 사용

TikTok 광고 계정에서 :

  1. Library 탭을 클릭하고 Assets > Event > Manager App Event > Create New App을 선택하여 새 app을 만들거나 이전에 추가한 app을 확인합니다.
  1. 앱의 다운로드 URL 설정을 제공합니다. (앱의 앱 스토어 / Play 스토어 주소 사용)
  1. 트래킹 설정 섹션에서 측정 파트너로 Branch 를 선택합니다.
  2. 클릭 트래킹 URL 필드에 TikTok For Business 클릭 링크를 배치하고 Confirm을 클릭합니다.
  3. 기본 임프레션 트래킹 URL 필드에 TikTok For Business 임프레션 링크를 배치하고 Confirm을 클릭합니다.

Deep Linking from Tiktok For Business

Please consult with your app development team to set up deep linking for your TikTok For Business campaigns. TikTok For Business supports deep links using the following:

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