Will the GAID changes impact our attribution on Branch?

Since the introduction of zeroed out GAIDs is the same feature as Limit Ad Tracking and Limit Ad Tracking has been available on Android for years, we do not expect a sudden decrease in Attribution or heavily impact our Attribution reporting. This is primarily because Branch does not collect the GAID when Limit Ad Tracking is enabled by the end-user.

With that said, many Ad Networks are implementing alternative parameters and methodologies to provide accurate attribution reporting even with Limit Ad Tracking enabled. Please evaluate the matrix below.

Impact on Sources when GAID is Zeroed and Limit Ad Tracking is Enabled

SourceAlternate Param/IDInstall열기다운스트림 이벤트
FacebookFacebook Install Referrer
GoogleMarket Referrer GCLID
SnapProbabilistic Attribution for Android
비-SANNo changes as Branch Links are used.
Other Branch FeaturesPREM

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