Vivo Pre-Install



Branch partners with Vivo in order to support preload/pre-install attribution of your app's campaigns. Enabling support for this attribution will allow you to properly measure the full lifecycle of your customer before they make their first few conversions in the app.

전제 조건

In order to attribute pre-installs, you need to have completed the following:

  • Implement the latest version of the Branch Android SDK into your app.


1. Initiate Campaign Setup

To initialize the campaign for Vivo, you will need to gather the following:


Obtained from


$3p value

Branch Account Manager

Contact your Branch account manager to set up the $3p value: a_vivo_preload for the campaign

캠페인 이름


Contact the customer in order to get the name of the campaign

Application Id


Contact the customer to provide the application id of their project

2. The application id can be obtained from the build.gradle file of the app module in the Android Project.


3. Create the JSON file

        "apps": {
        "com.maxwell.branchdemo": {
            "preinstall_partner": "a_vivo_preload",
            "preinstall_campaign": "vivopreinstall"

4. Check the JSON file in the Android System Property


5. Enable Vivo in Branch

In the Branch Dashboard under Ads > Partner Management, find/search for Vivo Preload. If you're already logged into the Branch Dashboard, you can also click here to go there directly.


6. View Data in Branch

As campaigns run, you will be able to measure the performance of the pre-install analytics directly on the Branch Dashboard.